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How many of these are due to menopause?

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Follyfoot Sun 24-Feb-13 21:58:13

Itching (but mine was my arms rather than down there grin ) was my first symptom. The second was being able to fall out with myself in an empty room. GP did blood tests to check thyroid/hormone levels. It turned out to be the menopause and am on HRT which has made me feel normal again. At last. Hope you get some clarity on what is going on.

partystress Sun 24-Feb-13 21:54:38

Thank you both. Yes, very stressful time at work and doing crazy hours, so I guess it's unreasonable to xpect to feel great especially on the wrong side of 50 sad. Thyroid point is interesting as my mum had low function, but not til later in life. Having the NHS health check over Easter hols so will get bloods done then. Thanks.

Missbopeep Sun 24-Feb-13 18:55:49

Do you have a lot of stress in your life at the moment?
You sound as if you could be run down.
What's your diet and exercise regime like?

Unfortunately, as you get older it takes more effort to stay looking and feeling goodsmile

On the other hand some of your symptoms sound like low thyroid- it depends how much all of this is really getting to you and if it is go back to dr and ask for some blood tests?

Iseeall Sat 23-Feb-13 17:46:09

General tiredness and moodiness could be peri menopause.
Itchy pubes... have you changed your shower gel, bubble bath, soap, or washing powder?
Vile taste in mouth.... a visit to the dentist perhaps.
If the other symptoms are still getting you down go back to your gp.

partystress Fri 22-Feb-13 18:34:01

Spots inside nose that won't blardy clear up and occasionally get so huge they are disfiguring.

Twitching eyelid.

Itchy pubes (what's left of them sad).

Occasional sudden absolutely vile taste in the mouth, which then just disappears as quickly as it came.

General can't be arsedness.

Major hump ALL THE TIME.

Have no hot flushes yet, periods getting weird, but still coming every 4-6 weeks. Went to GP to discuss HRT, not seriously, but I suppose hoping there might be a magic wand that would make me feel 10 years younger. Came away empty-handed and told to come back if flushes start, or think about ADs if mood doesn't lift. Should I have been more assertive, or is it really early days and I need to be prepared for things to get a lot worse? [Goes and hides behind curtains and prepares to feel even worse...]

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