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Moved in with mum...triggering her periods AFTER menopause???

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Missbopeep Fri 08-Feb-13 22:56:05

That's good news- hope she is okay and at least it was minor.

BreadAndJamForFrances Fri 08-Feb-13 01:28:07


Mum had a scan and then had a successful hysteroscopy, she has two polyps, one in each side of her womb. The gynae took biopsies, so now it is just a case of waiting for the results. Mum was told the bleeding was probably due to the polyps.
Thanks everyone for your help thanks

Eliza22 Wed 23-Jan-13 08:04:24

Oh that's good. Ex-nursing sister here, and did years of gynae. We were always told that anyone post menopause, who starts bleeding again, needs urgent checkup. Glad she's seen her GP.

Missbopeep Tue 22-Jan-13 21:49:47

Let us know.

BreadAndJamForFrances Tue 22-Jan-13 20:59:05

Thanks everyone....yes it was a hysteroscopy that they tried and failed to do under GA. Scan is booked for 1st February, so not long to wait. Mum is hoping the bleeding is from her fibroids. She is getting classic period tummy and back pain, with cramping.
Eliza - Mum saw the GP who is not to concerned.
Thanks again, I will report back after scan.

Eliza22 Mon 21-Jan-13 11:30:04

If bleeding occurs after the end of menopause, your mum needs to see her GP and as soon as she is able to get an appointment.

Missbopeep Mon 21-Jan-13 08:47:19

Do you mean a hysterscopy? They will only remove the uterus if something is shown to be wrong.

If they do a hysteroscopy under a GA they should have no problems accessing it through the cervix. Can be a bit tricky if she is wide awake and not all drs have the skill or patience to try. (I know this from personal experience- I had one without a GA and the gynae was brilliant!)

Let us know how she gets on.

BreadAndJamForFrances Sun 20-Jan-13 23:59:15

Thanks for the replies and sorry for the slow response....

I forgot to say my mum has a bicornuate womb and large fibroids. She had an unexpected bleed about three years ago, when she was given a CT scan and a failed hysteroscopy (they couldn't get into the cervix). This was never followed up by the hospital, GP was told to ask mum to report any further bleeds.
Mum is going to phone GP tomorrow and request an appointment with the gynea, I will be going to the appointment with her, so can make sure something is done...hopefully a hysterectomy.
Thanks for all your advice, I will return to this thread to let you now how we get on.

Missbopeep Sun 20-Jan-13 18:56:30

Agreed. Op have you read this thread? Let us know if you have and what your mum is going to do about it .

LatteLady Sat 19-Jan-13 22:16:43

Your mother needs to ask her GP for a gynae referral asap. Whatever we say on here is guesswork, you need a gynae opinion to set everyone's mind at rest.

Missbopeep Sat 19-Jan-13 10:42:38

p.s. Just wanted to add that I know people who have had this- and the gold standard treatment is: any woman who has bleeding after the menopasue MUST be assumed to have endometrial cancer- until proved otherwise. This is the advice of the RCOG. Your GP ought to be very concerned and make sure your mum has investigations much quicker than what is planned.

She needs a scan but they are not that detailed, so also a hyteroscopy ( camera in uterus) and a biopsy.

Missbopeep Sat 19-Jan-13 08:18:16

Sorry to hear about your mum.

Best try to do some hand holding with her TBH. The most likely cause is a polyp, or cancer of the uterine lining. There is no way her periods could begin again after a 5 year gap. Maybe 18-24 months if she was in her 50s, but not now. She did have a very late meno- at 57- but it's not normal or possible to restart in your 60s.

If it is cancer then it's 95% curable if caught early- treatment is a hysterectomy.

I really think her GP ought to act with more speed. She should be scanned asap and ideally within a couple of weeks. Can you not push for an earlier appt?

BreadAndJamForFrances Fri 18-Jan-13 23:57:24

My mum and I (and my DH and kids!) moved in together in August. Since then mum has been having period pains around the same time as me. Then November she had a tiny bleed, followed by another in December and a 'proper period' now in January. Mum has been to GP and has an appointment for a scan next month...GP not too concerned.

Mum is 62 in March, last period around 5 years ago - is it possible that my hormones have triggered my mum's???

[Bit of background - my periods are awful, vvvvv heavy, had hormone injections to stop them for a while, HRT, Mirena (constant bleeding for 9 months) endometrial ablation, none of which made my periods better, but seems to have buggered up my hormones.......I have hot flushes and other menopause symptoms my self, waiting to see Gynae]

Has anyone got any idea what is going on?

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