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GP clueless - what to ask her?

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itsthesimplethings Mon 14-Jan-13 12:27:03

I have changed my doctor already - the first one just told me it's my age! No offer of any help or tests.

Yes, it's possible that some of my symptoms are PMT, I think I've suffered with that in varying degrees for the past few years but it is really bad for half the month. I've tried Evening Primrose Oil, Starflower oil (?) and also some of the combination pills for women you can buy, they have helped to a certain degree in the past but don't seem to touch it now.

The discomfort is more a skin discomfort. Since having my youngest 11 years ago (when I tore and was sewn up) I've had pain there sometimes but now it's a lot more often, for seemingly no reason (i.e. not always after intercourse) and there is sometimes a little blood. Also sometimes itching. However, there is also ovulation pain mid cycle sometimes. The GP examined me and suspected maybe a fibroid so referred me for an ultrasound but that came back totally clear, no fibroids, polyps or cysts.

I have no history or family history of breast cancer or clots, have generally low blood pressure. Just occasional migraines, although I'm not sure they were migraines to be honest. I have had a benign breast lump filled with fluid that was drained.

I have laid awake all night worrying about this again - add insomnia to the list of symptoms anyway!

MissBoPeep Sun 13-Jan-13 12:15:06

The other thing is that PMT becomes worse as you get closer to meno in many women. Do you think that your symptms are PMT? it might help to try to treat that with complementary therapy and see if it helps.

You will also need to explain the discomfort- what is it- is it ovulation pain mid cycle? Or has your GP examined you for fibroids? They don't usually cause pain unless very large and pressing on other organs. Same for an ovarian cyst- each would be seen on a scan.

catonlap Sun 13-Jan-13 12:05:36

Yes your GP will have referred you to the gynae to investigate the spotting. It is contraindicated to prescribe HRT to someone with 'undiagnosed vaginal bleeding' - basically in case there is an underlying cause which might be made worse by the hormones. So they will want you to be checked over before considering how to then manage the situation.

More often than not all will come back clear. Then you could consider if HRT is the way you want to go. (assuming there is no other reason you can't take it - Breast cancer history? History of clots?).

HRT is often a big decision for people so it would be worth you finding out all about the pros and cons of it now so that once the gynae have completed their checks you have an idea of what you want next.

The mirena coil (which might not be suitable for you anyway) would be a way of treating the bleeding but would not help with the mood etc.
HRT is not always that great at helping mood either (good for hot flushes).

and this might be useful.

susanann Sun 13-Jan-13 11:44:22

I would suggest you change your doctor too! Good luck

itsthesimplethings Sun 13-Jan-13 11:40:48

Thanks for the replies.

I have a good diet, low carb, no sugar or caffeine, I walk the dog daily and only have at most a glass of wine per week.

I'm bothered about the mid cycle bleeding but also finding the pain and discomfort very trying.

To be honest I'm not going to let them do a camera test unless absolutely necessary. I am scared of any sort of procedures

My GP did say it could be hormones but wants me to see a specialist. She said I could have a coil fitted but I've had an ectopic with a coil in the past so that's not a good idea. Surely there would be another way of solving it if I can't have a coil?

I'll have a look at the websites mentioned above.

MissBoPeep Sun 13-Jan-13 10:37:24

Pesonally, if your GP was any good they'd sort this themselves!

Your symptoms sound classic meno symptoms.

The only reason for a referral would be for tests for the odd bleeding- and again, spotting is sometimes a commons sign of fluctuating hormones- it's more serious if it's a post meno issue rather than during peri-meno.

I 'd say the gynae is most likely to do an internal, possibly a scan- again might be internal- and possibly but unlikely a hysteroscopy- tiny camera in yout uterus- can be done without a GA- I had one.

Have you tried making any lifestyle changes now? You may find they help- really cleaning up your diet, exerising 4x etc a week- even if just brisk walking- etc. Your choice now is do you treat your peri meno in a non-drug way, or try HRT. Unless you have severe flushes or sweats - which will most likely comelater- then I'd say try lifestyle measures first.
Good book outlingin all of these- Your Change, Your Choice- Michael Dooley FRCG.

FriedSprout Sun 13-Jan-13 00:35:56


and here

try posting on the above sites. They are vey helpful when I had some issues and there is nothing that they don't know about menopausal questions.

When I approached my GP with what I thought were menopausal symptoms, she told me not to be so silly I was too young, Nd I had to push for the PpropriT blood tests.

I waited a lot longer than I should before going on HRT, and wish I had done so earlier. Started menopause mid thirties.

itsthesimplethings Sun 13-Jan-13 00:21:44


I have been to see my GP several times re possibly menopause symptoms, she has done blood tests and ultra sound but can draw no conclusion so has now referred me to a gynecologist, possibly for a 'camera test??'

The GP's main worry is spotting mid cycle but I have other symptoms I think may be due to the menopause. I still have almost regular periods but am uncomfortable and sometimes in pain in the nether regions! , libido has suffered, I'm forgetful, depressed in parts of my cycle, irritated.

I feel like the GP isn't referring me because of these symptoms but I would like to try and do something about them.

I am 48 by the way.

What can I expect from the gynecologist and what should I ask him in order to get help? I don't know if HRT is the way I want to go but I don't want my sex life with my husband to be over.

Sorry for tmi and thanks for any advice. I seem to come out of the surgery every time without getting answers to my questions.

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