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Am I supposed to go to my GP?

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digerd Sun 13-Jan-13 10:00:11

My symptoms of the menopause beginning at 48, but still had periods until 52, included a tired muzzy brain. HRT got rid of that and is one of the common effects of the Menopause.
Some are lucky. My sister was on the mini Pill until 55, came off it as she got a small fibroid, and no symptoms other than she now looks 10 years younger instead of 20, which she moans about!!

OneHandFlapping Sun 13-Jan-13 09:32:29

Tiger, I'm a few years older than you, and it's three or four years since my last period.

I've found the menopause liberating. Not only from the constant worries sbout leakage, smells and when I'm due on, but I've found a clarity of thought I haven't had for years. This is mainly in the area of putting my needs first, and achieving what I want to achieve with the rest of my life, unclouded by that oestrogen fog that made me prioritise keeping people happy.

I'm lucky in that I have very positive models of ageing in my parents, and I welcome this stage of my life, and plan to make the most of it, while I can.

I feel less bereft, than renewed.

tigerdriverII Sun 13-Jan-13 09:11:41

Not really ironic - I agree, not a medical issue at all but I perceive that many people treat it as such and I wondered if I was odd.

I was exaggerating by saying I feel bereft. I suppose I mean invisible. I wouldn't trouble to seek "help" over that. I work in a very fulfilling job, have a nice family and friends and lots of interests. But I'm not quite the same as I was, that's all.

MissBoPeep Sat 12-Jan-13 09:17:27

You are being ironic, aren't you?
You see your dr when you are ill- menopause is not an illness.

If you have no symptoms and feel well apart from the emotional side then you don't need to see a dr.

But you maybe do need to talk to someone because you have some emotional issues.

Why do you feel redundant? Do you not work or have friends and hobbies?

tigerdriverII Sat 12-Jan-13 01:36:39

Oh. That was a boring topic. Bump

tigerdriverII Sat 12-Jan-13 00:59:10

That's it really. I'm 50. Periods stopped about 18 months ago. I had some hot flushes but they have stopped now I think. There is nothing else to report apart from feeling old and I have wrinkly hands all of a sudden. am I supposed to report this to my GP or do I just carry on as normal without buying tampax? I feel bereft by being redundant and middle aged and beyond child bearing years but I wouldn't trouble the GP all that, there is nothing to say

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