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Horrible spots please advise

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frillyflower Sat 05-Jan-13 16:53:42

Hello I am 54 and stopped menstruating a couple of years ago.

Have endured flushing, weight gain, insomnia etc without any treatment (very unsympathetic GP).

Thought worst was over but have now developed spotty skin having never been v spotty before. Wake up with sort of painful red lumps (nothing to squeeze if you see what I mean). Today have 2 on right cheek and one on chin.

Anyone else have this? Any suggestions what I can do to stop spotty thing? Is it more menopause stuff?

MissBoPeep Sat 05-Jan-13 21:07:03

Yes it's likely to be hormonal.

Can you change drs? Why put up with one who is being an arse? Assume he is a man and just expects women to suffer. Not good enough- you have a right to treatment.

frillyflower Sat 05-Jan-13 22:14:33

Actually the dr is a woman of about 60. She says she wouldn't have hrt herself so certainly wouldn't give it to me.

She did give me sleeping tablets after I told her I hadn't had a nights sleep fr 2 weeks and had burst into tears at dinner at home.

MissBoPeep Sun 06-Jan-13 10:14:12

Sorry but that it totally unacceptable of her. What she decides for herself should not dictate what she offers patients.

Is there another dr in the practice?

She sounds utterly unreasonable.

I see a gynae privately who could not be more patient focused. We discuss the pros and cons of all treatment but he leaves the final choice of anything to his patients- unless of course they would endangering their lives.

You can get better treatment than what you are getting now. Can you change your GP or go to a meno clinic?

If you look at this site there is a link to clinics as well as recent info on HRT- maybe print it off and show to your miserable GP!

frillyflower Sun 06-Jan-13 15:15:04

Thanks so much for answering me.

Mrsrobertduvall Sat 19-Jan-13 08:39:58

Since Christmas I've had spots like these on my chin which just aren't shifting.
No head on them, just bumps under the skin.

I'm 52, still perimenopausal and have been on HRT for a couple of years.
Is this a sign I am finally becoming menopausal, or my hormones are oing haywire?

frillyflower Sun 20-Jan-13 07:32:10

I think it's a hormonal thing Mrs RD. Maybe the HRT is making them worse. I would ask the doctor - well I would if I had one that gave a monkey's!

Mine have gone now. Except I have little bumps under the skin on my right cheek.
Skin is awful now - ruddy cheeks, dry like old leather handbag in places.

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