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Uterine fibroid fever

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harbingerofdoom Wed 26-Dec-12 19:12:34

Anyone ever had it? I've just had a fever of over 102 and going to 103.2 (that I know of) for the last five days. I had mild pelvic pain about three weeks ago which steadily got worse so I thought it was my last ditch period. Then the pain and two sweaty nights then whoomph. Never had anything like it before - dripping,v high temp and the pain,right down near the ovaries and shooting down my leg (on the worst side).
I've had no respiratory tract symptoms,so fever no flu. o

StairsInTheNight Mon 31-Dec-12 23:14:05

i had an mri scan so they could see mine properly. This thread has been helpful, have booked to see doc on weds to discuss getting a 2nd opinion on having hysterectomy (which i would love but previous consultant said would be too risky). Hoping it night be possible as i dont think the embolism worked. sad

harbingerofdoom Tue 01-Jan-13 20:12:49

A hysterectomy was (and most likely still is) very high risk for me. Urology and Gynae were fighting it out. In the end I was taught self catheterisation to avoid surgery.
As I'm doing this to help the bladder,the new pains (and fever) with decaying fibroids may change my response to surgery.
I think I need to find out how many more might decay (outside uterus).

Does anyone know if calcified fibroids can be shrunken reduced?

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