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Uterine fibroid fever

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harbingerofdoom Wed 26-Dec-12 19:12:34

Anyone ever had it? I've just had a fever of over 102 and going to 103.2 (that I know of) for the last five days. I had mild pelvic pain about three weeks ago which steadily got worse so I thought it was my last ditch period. Then the pain and two sweaty nights then whoomph. Never had anything like it before - dripping,v high temp and the pain,right down near the ovaries and shooting down my leg (on the worst side).
I've had no respiratory tract symptoms,so fever no flu. o

MissBoPeep Wed 26-Dec-12 20:58:51

Sorry- don't understand- have you seen a dr and been diagnosed with this because I've neer heard of it.

Unless you have been diagnosed, I don't think there is such a condition.

If you have severe pelvic pain and a temp then you ought to see your dr - it could be anything - even your appendix- so you should see a dr.

kilmuir Wed 26-Dec-12 21:01:55

I have fibroids, never heard of this condition

Worley Wed 26-Dec-12 21:07:16

Degenerating (red) fibroids can cause a lot if pain. unsure of the fever part. but I guess if their going necrotic they could cause infection.. although probably rare.
how old are you and are you in uk?

harbingerofdoom Wed 26-Dec-12 21:14:34

Not appendix. Am 50+. In UK. I've got tons of the b***ers. To quote ' womb the size of a four month pregnancy'.

harbingerofdoom Wed 26-Dec-12 21:19:17

PS I've come out the other side. When you've a fever like that how DO you go to the doctors? Then the weekend then Christmas. Loads of fluid,loads of painkillers.
Problem was below my navel. Not a UTI.

kilmuir Wed 26-Dec-12 21:56:00

hope you feel better soon

MissBoPeep Wed 26-Dec-12 22:42:36

You need to see your dr and ask to see a gynae.

Are you bleeding at all?

Look this up on the BUPA or NHS sites. You will see that sometimes a fibroid on a stalk can become twisted and cause pain- the same as an ovarian cyst can cause severe pain if it's contorted.

However, you need to know a couple of things.

1) over half of all women have fibroids- either one or more. I have one and never knew until a new gynae examined me. Your uterus- if you are post meno will be small- roughly the size of a very small pear- 2-3 inches, so you can't have lots of fibroids in such a small space.

2) Fibroids are usually symptomless unless they are twisted- see above- or large and cause heavier periods. AND if you are post meno then your fibroids shrink and should not be a problem anyway.

There is no such thing as "fibroid fever". If something is causing a pelvic infection such as a possible STI then you need to get checked out.

I don't think there is any connection with your fibroid and this temperature- but please do see your dr if you can and ask for an examination and opinion.

MissBoPeep Wed 26-Dec-12 22:45:07

If you feel this is urgent then most drs should be working for the rest of the week- do get better but do also see someone for advice smile

<pats 23cm fibroid> your womb, er, stretches quite well you know. :-) i am laughing at 'Small pear womb'. Thats the same school of thought that says 'a period of 2tsp a month' pff. hmm

Worley Wed 26-Dec-12 23:15:42

lord.. are you sure it's not 23mm?? if 23cm why are they not out? we take them out once they start getting to at least 100mm..
a post menopausal uterus should measure under 60mm. (depending on amount of children youve had and your habitus state) not all fibroids shrink. they very commonly hang around and become calcified.

LetsFaceThePresentsTheyrePants Thu 27-Dec-12 00:14:23

I've had a 23cm fibroid for the last 19 years and through 3 DCs. It's only coming out soon because I've requested a hysterectomy. No one medical has ever advised me to have it removed.

Worley Thu 27-Dec-12 05:12:09

really! you've done well. our gynaecologists get excited over fibroids that size. you've managed well it must be pressing on your bladder and all sorts being that size. have you had tingly legs? you'll go down a couple of dress sizes when its out as it will be filling your pelvis.

MissBoPeep Thu 27-Dec-12 09:02:25

I've a reasonable amount of experience with fibroids, as I have one- which is very small and doesn't cause problems. But a close friend has one which became larger once she was on HRT as it's " fed" by oestrogen so she's gone onto a SER type of HRT. My other friend had one the size of a grapefruit and had it removed after a course of injections to shrink it- which put her into a temporary menopause. She was offered a hysterectomy but refused.

Any fibroid can and usually does increase blood loss because it increases the surface area of the uterus.

23cm is huge- it's around 9 inches- and I'm surprised you were not offered treatment much sooner shock

harbingerofdoom Thu 27-Dec-12 11:14:57

I've had no bleeding. No chance of a STI. Am not post meno...yet. IIRC I have about 6 fibroids,the biggest being 10cm and one of the bigger ones was calcified.
I just feel that a decaying fibroid fits my symptoms,I've ruled out so many other options.
I've been holding off the scalpel happy gynae for two years. The fibroids had caused different problems that time.
Should I reconsider an operation,as I don't want to keep going through this pain and fever?

mines been big since i had my son. Yes its 23cm. Not possible for me to have surgery, but luckily it dosent cause me me many problems. Would be nice not to look pg yes, but had embolism in July and hoping that will help it to shrink!

LetsFaceThePresentsTheyrePants Thu 27-Dec-12 15:12:18

Sorry to hijack but-lord flashheart-emobilisation didn't work for me and a 3 month course of esmya was disastrous.

Oh dear letsface, so whats your next option? Id love a hysterectomy but that would be high risk for me as i have many adhesions. Heading back to docs in New year to request scan to see if its shrinking. And also sorry to hijack thread, harbinger! If i were you id be speaking to my consultant about options, i think id get the fever checked out though, just to be on safe side.

harbingerofdoom Thu 27-Dec-12 23:21:45

Worley You have just shown the behaviour that I have had to put up with.

Worley Fri 28-Dec-12 03:29:14

what behaviour? the gynaecologists getting excited over them?
I acknowledged that red fibroids can be very painful. I'm sorry I don't know how I have offended you. I specialise in obs and gynae and see many issues commonly caused by fibroids. hope your feeling better soon.

MissBoPeep Fri 28-Dec-12 11:36:07

Might help "Worley* if you say what you are- nurse, dr, theatre staff? it will help put your expertise into context a little.

Worley Sat 29-Dec-12 12:57:25

I'm a snr Sonographer. gynae is my fave area to work in. I've seen lots of fibroids in my time and only this week scanned an inpatient with a degenerating fibroid. she was literally crying in pain as I scanned her.

harbingerofdoom Mon 31-Dec-12 20:25:23

Worley You certainly havn't offended me. It's the gynaes in the local hospital that seem to get a bit scalpel happy. Two years ago the were in scrubs(?) at the end of the bed hoping to operate!
I'd love to ask you a few questions:-
1) How long are NHS ultrasound/CT results kept?
2) If there is no comparison available from previous scans,can you tell when a fibroid has decayed?
3) Sorry for the terminology (ehem) but I had the dildo,CT and MRI

I seem to have (roughly) three tennis balls and three ping pong balls (obvs not all spherical) but I can't remember if any were outside the womb.

My previous problems affected the bladder.

Yes to some calcified.

Any help gladly received thanks

Worley Mon 31-Dec-12 21:51:45

that's ok then!! I thought I'd said something. I think legally our reports have to be kept for 100 years or something like that.. an ultrasound and MRI is the best to look at fibroids as a whole structure and their relation to neighbouring organs.. the internal ultrasound (the dildo lol) is gold standard for NICE guidelines but some are so big we can't see the whole of them on the screen. but generally when they get this big they need to come out.. they press on the bladder and nerves and when some older ladies legs start to swell the Gp's will send them to us to check if there's any there stopping circulation..
if we have nothing to compare with then we will measure what we see... if they've been there a long time and calcified we can see them beautifully.. it's rare we see degenerating fibroids.. we tend to have to as up all the symptoms and what we can see.

if you've had scans elsewhere they should be able to transfer the pictures electronically to your new hospital so they can compare.. it will take the two hospitals co-or donating with each other but it is done as we send and receive to all our hospitals within my region..

Worley Mon 31-Dec-12 21:52:04

sorry for typos I'm on phone!

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