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Any advice or suggestions to help with Menopause generally?

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KTK9 Tue 11-Dec-12 12:19:39


I am 49, big 50 next year and for the last year and a bit haven't had any periods, actually I hadn't had one for almost a year (Dr told me I would have to be a year free of them before he could say I was going through the Menopause!). Then when we went away in July, hey presto!!! Typical, but nothing since. Since last year I have had hot flushes and night sweats, although these are easing a little - thank goodness, so I just go red and hot now, not the full blown sweating, heart beating fast etc. etc. It lasts a minute of so now, previously it was horrid and at times I felt I was going to faint, but how quickly one forgets!

I avoid GPs like the plague and because I have high blood pressure, my GP told me over 6 months ago, that I probably was in the Menopause, but wouldn't prescribe anything just yet.

I feel I am managing, apart from being really crabby and sometimes positively horrid - I have an 8 year old and know that at times I am impatient and off with her and I never used to be - I don't like it, but can't seem to control it.

Have you ladies with more experience than me, any ideas on how to deal with mood swings and this period of life generally?

I had St Johns Wort, which made no difference and now have just got some Menopause supplement from Boots to try.

I used to be such a lovely kind, laid back person and I want to be again!!!

Any advice?

Missbopeep Wed 12-Dec-12 09:16:03

Have you tried the usual lifestyle changes such as:

Exercise- 30 mins at least daily- really brisk walking or jogging or anything like that?
Diet- cut out refined carbs, sugar, alcohol and caffeine?
Omega 3- lots of oily fish and green vegetables.
Pulses- for phytoestrogens

Stress relief such as yoga, meditation, time out for you!

Other therapies like acupuncture can help some people.

Unfortunately, or fortunately, depending on your point of view, NO complemetary therapies have been found to have a consistently good record of making much difference though Menolieve is good for some women.

Afraid I am an advocate for HRT. The bad press it had years ago has now been shown to be based on flawed research and most clued-up drs now say it's safe for most women as long as they have a product tailored to their needs, not just sent away with a packet of pills in a kind of " one size fits all" way which doesn't!

Missbopeep Wed 12-Dec-12 09:16:46

p.s. all of the above lifestyle changes should help your blood pressure- it's usually diet and lifestyle related.

KTK9 Wed 12-Dec-12 15:05:32

Thank you for the reply, all great suggestions, most of which I already do although rather by luck than judgement.

I used to run daily, but slipped a disc a while back and that put paid to that, but I am about to start Pilates, which will help both issues I hope and will start running again why the physio gives me the all clear.

I continue to walk 20 mins or more at least once a day, as have dogs and am active mucking out dd's pony, which is very physical. Fortunately, or unfortunately I don't really drink much nowadays, the odd class or two at a weekend and because of heart problems (a genetic condition), I have nearly everything caffine free to reduce palpitations. This is why I have high blood pressure rather than diet and lifestyle. The medication is to slow my heart (I have hypertrophic cardiomyopathy). I am a vegetarian and eat a lot of salmon, so it looks like, inadvertently, I am on the right track.

Actually, I joined weight watchers back in May and have lost over a stone, my heart consultant who I see annually, said I should try and lose a stone and a half to get well within my BMI, so I am pretty pleased with myself.

I agree all the things you suggest have helped healthwise, but it is particularly the moodyness that I hate.

I certainly wouldn't be against HRT, if it helps with moods and reduces the hot flushes even further.

KTK9 Wed 12-Dec-12 15:07:33

Should add, that I was thinking more along the lines of complimentary/supplements sort of things, that others may have found of help.

Missbopeep Wed 12-Dec-12 19:50:28

You might like to know that some recent research on HRT showed it favourable/ had a positive effect on the heart in the longer term.

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