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Anxiety & menopause

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MissBoPeep Thu 29-Nov-12 08:18:33

Are you taking the mini pill as a contraceptive? If you are, then you aren't going to need it forever, so presumably you will have to stop one day- and the only way to find out if you are still having periods is to stop it and see.

Have you ever considered that your anxiety is a side effect of the Pill?

HRT might help your anxiety is it's caused by low oestrogen levels but you aren't going to know that unless you have blood tests- and one test is rarely accurate during peri meno, OR you stop taking the pill.

TBH I'm surprised that your GP has not reviewed your use of the mini pill at 51- have they never suggested you stop and see if you are still having periods?

dee2012 Wed 28-Nov-12 21:56:22

hi ladies, i'm 51 and have been taking cerazette mini pill for 8 years, in that time , i haven't had a period, which is why i wanted this pill.
But i'm now taking sertraline ( an ssri ) 150mg per day for anxiety which is awful.....
Because i don't have periods, i don't know if they've stopped!
I don't want to stop the pill to find out if i'm still having periods or not, so do any of you know if my gp might allow me to take hrt to alleviate my anxiety?

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