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goldenolddie Thu 18-Oct-12 21:14:51

Please check your HRT that horses are not suffering in appalling conditions. One very famous Canadian company refused to let the RSPCA in. These poor pregnant horses are tied up in one spot unable to move as they are connected to tubes to collect the urine. Their foals are then slaughtered when born. I think we should be told these facts when our GP prescribe these drugs especially when there are perfectly good HRTs that do not cause this suffering.

quinnlett Sat 05-Jan-13 08:09:32

Very disappointed that i have paid £16.30 for ELLESTE DUET TAB 1MG because it has 2 different coloured tablets in the course, just to find i have had to come off them before completing first month due to severe 24hr headaches. I am sure i am not the only person who is going to struggle to pay for what could be numerous attempts of finding the ideal prescription.

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