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sounding good for HRT?

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yuckythingsonthefloor Wed 10-Oct-12 16:59:41

OK, here are the things which have been happening to in the last six months:

hair falling out
feeling tired all the time (grumpy)
putting on weight
aching veins in legs poss varicose but can't see when I try to look in the mirror
aching legs at night or when sitting too long eg in a movie
irregular periods (have always had short cycle but now just erratic)
awful PM headaches
PM tearfulness
5 days of crippiing joint pain followed by period

is this Peri-ness? What do I do? My mother never mentioned this to me!!

Any advice much appreciated!

Bonnywrites Thu 11-Oct-12 01:18:10

I am not a doctor but can only tell you what my experience was and my symptoms were almost the same.. I was diagnosed with an under active thyroid and adrenal glad faliure.

But let me tell you it took years of miss diagnosis and my doctors telling me to eat less and exercise more. Given that I had many horses so led a relatively active life and ate less than my child. it was not only stupid advise but seriously unwelcome.

I finally found an Endocrinologist and realised that they are in fact the only type of medical professional trained in this area to fully understand endocrine issues.

Not long my hair stopped falling out and I stopped putting on weight. My mood stabalised too. I wish you much luck.

Bellaciao Sat 13-Oct-12 19:39:22

It could be "Peri-ness" as well as underactive thyroid so best get the latter checked out. When you start to get night sweats and hot flushes then is the time to start HRT - you probably won't get it before that as dosage is difficult to determine while periods are farily frequent and your own cycle will break through the HRT one and can cause bleeding at odd times.
Hmm - yes mothers don't mention it presumably because daughters have long flown the nest by the time meno strikes, whilst they are around for the start of periods so get all the info on these!

flow4 Sun 14-Oct-12 11:04:07

My symptoms are similar yucky:

really tired all the time (really, really exhausted quite often)
constant nausea for the past 5 weeks (and no, I'm not pregnant)
putting on weight
aching veins in legs, some def varicose
periods still fairly regular but v light
awful headaches, not just PM
tearfulness, not just PM
aching and joint pain esp. legs - all the time but probably worst around menstruation and ovulation - sometimes I feel like I have been run over by a bus; sometimes I literally can't walk without limping heavily

Interesting what you say about under-active thyroid, Bonny: I've got blood tests this week for that and hormone levels and a whole range of other things including anaemia, because my GP said my symptoms could be early menopause OR low thyroid function - so she sounds a bit more savvy than yours was.

My joint pain is also sometimes crippling - but I have arthritis that has only been diagnosed for a short time, so it's hard to work out what might be that and what might be menopause or something else.

What's more I have found breast lumps so have been referred to the breast clinic to check those out - though apparently breast cysts are common in menopause too. My breast started to get generally sore PM about 6-9 months ago, but now have specific, constantly painful patches. sad

All in all I actually feel pretty ill. On bad days when I'm feeling paranoid I think there may be something very wrong with me sad If it all turns out to be the menopause causing it, then I'm not impressed! I tend not to like taking medication, but I definitely can't deal with feeling like this for months or years, so I shall also be seriously considering HRT.

yuckythingsonthefloor Tue 16-Oct-12 21:58:41

Thank you all, will get thyroid checked out

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