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Aaargh, just want periods to be finished and done with!

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Horsemad Sat 25-Aug-12 21:32:12

I am so sick of having periods sad I am 48 and have HAD ENOUGH.

Today, I have had to change a super plus tampon every hour, my insides feel like they're falling out and I'm passing clots the size of 50p pieces.
Not a good combination when you need to be out and about uniform shopping!

I stupidly thought 'hey, I'm liking this' after missing a period in June, started the next one in July, bled for 4 weeks (not as heavy as today, but still fairly heavy) a week after I stopped bleeding from that one, I've come on again. Grrrr!

I'm due a routine blood test next week for anaemia; what's the betting I'm back on iron tablets by the w/e? sad

Bellaciao Sun 09-Sep-12 12:52:35

digerd quite worrying to have a bleed at 68 but interested to hear you are still on HRT! What HRT do you use and have you had the same for years? I presume you are on continuous combined HRT if you don't normally have bleeding? I am 59 and have been on it for 5 1/2 years and don't intend to stop - but I have chosen to go the cyclical route - which means I have a bleed (that I expect) every 2 months - but wondering whether long term it would be better to be on continuous prog - although I really don't like the idea as I think it interferes with some of the beneficial effects of oestrogen. Not looking forward to regular bleeding when in my 60's though - but it's all a choice.
Cherie Blair became pregnant with No. 4 child at age 46 I believe.

hoarder Sun 09-Sep-12 20:34:30

Hello folks,
i have had no period since march, but now some spotting and the very worst anxiety (for no tangible reason apart from usual stuff) of my life. Horrible feelings of agitation/restlessness/dread. What has anyone else done about this and how long did it last?

MissBoPeep Sun 09-Sep-12 21:11:04


Have you thought about seeing someone about those bleeds? It's not normal- really.

I am on long-cycle HRT and apart from the cyclic bleeds- every 3 months- my gynae always wants me to tell him if there is any erratic bleeding other than the ones I expect.

I've had a biopsy and a hysterescopy to investigate 2 bleeds-but I am much younger than you are.

PLEASE go to your dr for advice. A bleed at 54 might have been acceptable and nothing to worry about- but bleeding now at 68 is not right- even on HRT. Cancer of the uterus is the obvious thing to consider- you really should get yourself checked out.

And woman of 50 can get pregnant by normal means! My gynae reports a woman of 56 having a baby that way!

MissBoPeep Sun 09-Sep-12 21:21:34

Digerd- the more I think on this the more worried I am for you!

Does your HRT give you a " period" normally- ie every month?

The breakthough bleeding you refer to sometimes happens when women first take it, or are younger and having normal periods anyway, or the dosage of the HRT is not right.

If you are taking oestrogen and prog, continuosly then you should not bleed. Stopping your HRT for a while will take oestrogen out of your system, and stop the bleeding- BUT you might have overgrowth of the womb lining- hyperplasia-caused by the oestrogen.

Please see your dr- and come back and tell us all is well?

CuttedUpPear Mon 10-Sep-12 12:04:46

Had a PG test today at docs.

I am NOT PG. Hooooray. (Too old to bend over so wasn't looking forward to it)

New coil to be fitted next month, yuk, I usually scream then faint.

cocolepew Mon 10-Sep-12 12:19:11

Good news pear smile

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