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PoshPenny Sat 18-Aug-12 21:14:07

OK, I've been to the GP and further to my moaning and grumbling he's changed me on to the above preparation.

Anyone any experience of it? I gather I will only have a bleed every 3 months, which I will really look forward to.

Bellaciao Wed 22-Aug-12 17:35:26

Hi sorry no experience of this but I do voluntarily have a longer cycle so i don't bleed so much (mine is every two months - using different HRT).

I think Tridestra is recommended for those nearing the menopause ie whose periods have become light and infrequent. Is this the case for you?

On another forum I remember reading one women's experience that it gave her very heavy bleeding - as it is only once every three months - but if you are a light bleeder and periods almost stopped - you might be OK with it.

Worth at try anyway!

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