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Is this it

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Stoney666 Thu 02-Aug-12 15:48:39

Gp told me to come off mini pill for three months so I can have a blood test to see where I am at on this lovely road! anyone else had this, what will it show? I just want some hrt I have zilch energy, sex drive, motivation, gaing weight, the odd period and very achy joints sad( (I'm 46)

Bellaciao Fri 17-Aug-12 21:49:40

Blood tests are not always reliable to say whether you are on the road to menopause.... However if you have started missing periods then maybe you are. I am not familiar with the mini pill and what it does, but if you are missing periods and have unpleasant/uncomfortable symptoms then you might be able to start a low dose HRT. If you are only 46 you will need to make sure you take sufficient oestrogen at least until you are 50 to help protect against osteoporosis at least, as well as other health conditions. Hopefully your doc will agree

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