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Aaaarrgghh menopause at 31

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Kerrigan90 Fri 20-Jul-12 01:04:34

Doctor has advised I am menopausal at age 31!!! Nightmare no kids yet. Explains the menstrual migraines, palpatations and "variation of normal" menstrual cycle tho. Any tips on handling the side effects of this?? X

Bellaciao Fri 20-Jul-12 12:01:44

Hi Kerrigan90 - so sorry to hear you are having to go through this.
There is a specialist website called the daisy network providing support for women going through early or premature menopause and there is a forum on there too.
I am sure you will find many women who can help and advise you on there

Animalmew Mon 08-Oct-12 16:33:31

Hi Kerrigan I am so sorry to hear that, I also went through early menopause at that age and eventually underwent a full hysterectomy, to combat early onset of oesteoporosis I then went straight on HRT and was fab and fine until about 6 mths ago when my body at 46 decided it was going to go through the menopause 2nd time around regardless of the HRT, which I have now had to stop, and now I am really suffering, I can only hope that the night sweats and hot flushes will ease in time.

MissBoPeep Mon 08-Oct-12 18:46:04

Animal- have answered your other post, but why on earth are you now not on HRT? You are still just 46, which is too young to be without oestrogen- advice is that women like you need to until age of normal meno- currently 51-52.

pinkrosa Wed 10-Oct-12 23:05:45

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

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