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Elleste duo

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Jaxster01 Tue 10-Jul-12 10:22:13

Hi Im new to the site, I have been reading lots of the posts regarding the HRT elleste duo, I am on to my second month now and pleased to say that my mood swings have settled dramatically, I'm still tearful but not nearly as much as before taking the tablets, my only concern is my boobs seem to be getting bigger which is not good as they are already a ample size has anyone else experienced this, I'm also feeling quite bloated as well, I'm putting it down to not having a period as of yet which I have read is not unusual when you first start taking them. Prior to starting elleste duo (1mg) I was having regular monthly periods, I am 52 yrs young but was experiencing all the usual menopausal symptoms life was getting pretty unbearable so my DR decided to try me on elleste to see if they would help which I'm pleased to say has

Bellaciao Tue 10-Jul-12 18:59:52

Hey Jaxster - great to hear you are feeling better on Elleste duo. Sorry don;t have experience of HRT tabs as I use patches but hopefully someone else will reply who has.
You would expect to start your bleed a few days into the second month of tablets as it is usually the decrease in progesterone levels which stimulates the bleed. From what you describe sounds as though it will be along soon! Sometimes when you are still regular when you start HRT your own cycle breaks through due to the hormone surges that happen around peri-menopause so you may get some bleeding when you don't expect it.
My boobs got a bit bigger when I started HRT - but I was getting on for post-meno by then so they had shrunk! I prefer them now - more how they used to be!
I expect they will decrease as your own hormone levels decline as you get nearer menopause - but that may not be for a while. Mine also got smaller when I lost some weight!
Hope this helps!

Bellaciao Tue 10-Jul-12 19:00:42

PS I'm fairly new too - I joined a while back last October and have only just started posting now though.

Jaxster01 Tue 10-Jul-12 19:32:20

Hello Bellaciao thank you for your reply its good to know that we are not alone & its nice to beable to talk with others you are sharing similar experiences ........ oh the joys of womenhood

Well fingers crossed my body will adjust accordingly to the HRT and everything shrinks back to normal SOON

many thanks :-)

avaleigh1991 Tue 07-Aug-12 19:59:40

im 52 and just finishing my first month of elleste duo 1mg i feel i have put on weight and i have pins and needels in my hands and feet and cramps so im going back 2 the docs but dont know what to ask 2 try next

shepherdsdelightfulinlycra Tue 07-Aug-12 20:12:01

I've been on this for a year or more but haven'tnoticed any growth in boobs.
But my monthly migraines are less intense and it has definitely reduced the hot flushes during the day - which were the two main things that I wanted to address.
I'm not sure about mood swings - I can be pretty moody at the best of times.
And I am still getting night sweats sometimes, but perhaps not as often as pre elleste duo.

Jaxster01 Fri 10-Aug-12 14:04:50

Hi avaleigh since my last post I have stopped taking the elleste duo, I ended up with more side effects than actual symptoms, rangeing from constant dull headache, severe tiredness (napping everyday) my mood swings got worse , I too had pins &needles in my hands Also felt sickly just generally not right
since stopping all the side effects have stopped
I have now started taking soya tablets it's early days yet but so far not had any weepy days , &moodswings have improved :-/

ameliagrey Fri 10-Aug-12 16:46:29

Jaxter- if the soya doesn't help longer term, you should think perhaps of trying different HRT.

There are lots of different kinds and patches/gels with progesterone tablets added in for some days of the month might suit you better. You don't have to have the 2 hormones every day or even have a monthly bleed- you can adjust the progestins so you have a bi-monthly or once every 3 months bleed which cuts down hugely on how much progesterone you need to take.

MrsRobertDuvallHasRosacea Fri 10-Aug-12 16:50:04

My boobs were so painful for the first few months. i went back to the dr who said it would calm down...she suggested Evening Primrose oil.
It settled down after about 4months.
Hang in there

Jaxster01 Tue 14-Aug-12 14:58:16


thank you both for your advice, i am going to persevere with the soya for a while longer :-) also been told sage leaf supposed to be good for the night sweats
all else failing i will revisit doctor
im on a mission to find something to help me through this , my sister is 65 & still gets hot flushes so iv along way to go yet lol

Bellaciao Fri 17-Aug-12 21:28:46

Hi Jaxster
The progestogen in Elleste Duo is norethisterone and is notorious for causing unpleasant side effects in some women - especially headaches (had this effect on me - but didn't want to put you off!). As ameliagary says there are different progesterones you could try - many women find Femoston easier as the prog in that one is closer to our own natural one.

If you want to go bio-identical and most natural way of using HRT than patches or gels are the way to go. Utrogestan capsules contain natural micronised progesterone wich should have the least side effects - unless you are really prog intolerant.

Good luck and hope you feel better soon! You defo don't need to put up with the flushes!!

purlandvick Sun 19-Aug-12 21:48:18

Hello,ive taken elleste 2mg today.ive had it nine days,i was scared of repeat of symtoms of other hormones.these were medicinal and herbal.ive also tried clonidine.reading other messages on this
site made me try hope full i soon be able to enjoy my fortys.
all other female family were in thirtys, so i should be grateful.any advice

purlandvick Mon 20-Aug-12 14:51:36

Second day on elleste 2mg.i had trouble sleeping, i wasnt woken by night sweats so i drifted off again.brain fog clearing,im actually enjoying this just because my body needed this normal for it to work so quick .not had any sweats or sobbing yet.usually four by now.anyone on this drug.

shirlsstaff Fri 02-Aug-13 19:16:11

Hi I am also a new person on Elleste started with my 1st pill yesterday. I suffer real bad with sweating not just on my back and under my bust but also in my groin area so I told my GP and he perscribed HRT I hope It helps as I dont know how long I can cope like this. I Found this site to help me find peace as didnt know if I was doing the right thing taking HRT but I have convinced my self that its a 3 months coarse and what harm can it do. I also have read alot of threads and its help a real lot knowing other women are taking the same as me. I will keep you informed how I get on x thanks for taking the time to read

shirlsstaff Sat 03-Aug-13 19:45:38

3rd day on Elleste Duo and dont think I feel any difference yet still not convinced it will do anything but keep taking the tablets lol

Hopeful99 Wed 14-Aug-13 08:37:28

Hello all Im new to Mumsnet and have been interested to read about elleste duet and I've just started taking it today after months of wondering whether to or not! I'm 52 and had an ablation 2 years ago for really heavy painful periods, I also have fibroids and used to suffer with very painful breasts. My periods stopped in Nov 2012 but I have been experiencing terrible anxiety for the last 6 months or more plus aching joints, insomnia, exhaustion and generally stressed and unsettled about nothing in particular, the slightest thing sends me into a panic when previously I've been very much "what will be will be" so I spoke to my doctor who recommended elleste duet. I'm now worried that my periods will return, i will put weight on and I have read that this type of Hrt can cause painful breasts and can cause fibroids to enlarge! I wasn't sure if I should take it or not but decided that I can't put up with the anxious feelings and the feeling like I'm not in control and cant cope, which is awful ( It feels like I can't breathe!) I may not experience any bad symptoms and this may suit me ! I have 3 months supply so am going to see how I go, fingers crossed I will start to feel better and get my life back under control. If not I will go back and hopefully find a different type that suits me. Just wondered if anyone else has had similar worries or experiences that they can share with me?

Missbopeep Wed 14-Aug-13 12:18:37

Am not on that type of HRT but can answer your questions.
TBH pills are not the best way to take HRT- you'll find a lot more info on the Menopause Matters website and their forum.
A lot of us use patches or gel for the oestrogen and take progestins for part of the month, orally. That way you can have more control over what you take and change one part of it if it's giving you side effects- it's usually the progestins that cause bloating or PMT symptoms.
With pills you need a bigger dose because a lot of the drug is lost through digestion and pills also have higher risk re. blood clots.

The best thing you can do it to try to find out as much as you can about all types of HRT and then tell your dr what you'd like to try- most GPs hand out packets of pills as standard as they don't know much about menopause and the options for HRT.

You might get on ok with what you have been given, but safety wise I wouldn't take pills, and my consultant prefers other options.

MissBli55 Sat 24-Aug-13 12:33:28

I went to my GP a few years ago because I had a very strange hotness all over my body that came from my feet and flowed all up me like a wave- I now know it to be a 'flush'. I didn't like it one bit. She decided it was time for HRT, did I want it? All I wanted was to have my body be normal. So, the first HRT I tried I had an instant boost and great feeling of well being and calmness, even a slight coolness within me, I'm never cold, always been a hot person! Then after about 6 Months I was uncomfortable with pain, bleeding and as it was a split hormones Monthly all I my body craved was the first half of the packet containing the Oestrogen, so I went on to Elleste dc I feel normal taking these although I do get a bit hotter than the other women in the office, I'm the first one to open a window or put a fan on! but I don't have sweats or flushes, don't know what will happen when I have to stop taking these though. Please ladies keep trying if it doesn't suit you to get the one that's right for you, but give these little pills a chance to work, it's gonna take a bit longer than a week or the first month, take notes, make a diary and ask people have they noticed a change in you? I don't think HRT suits every woman but then there are Herbals to go for. Good Luck!

maleyred Mon 28-Aug-17 06:24:17

Hi just started taking Elleste Duet a week ago, i haven`t noticed much difference yet my night sweats are still as bad !! and my emotions !! well i have days when all i want to do is cry! My partner and i have a very active sex life and i have found since taking these tablets sex is a bit painful , if this continues i`ll have to go back to the doc`s, anyone else had this happen ??

olderandnowiser Thu 31-Aug-17 20:40:06

Did't want to start a new thread for this. I have been on Elleste duo 1mg for nearly 2 months and I have recently developed what I think is thrush - it's driving me mad! I didn't develop thrush on my previous HRT and I have not had thrush for years and years, not since my 20s.

Anyone else developed thrush whilst on HRT, specifically Elleste?

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