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Anyone taking Elleste duet?

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DressDownFriday Mon 21-May-12 12:56:12

I've been to the doctors today for my blood test results and been told the menopause is here sad.

I've got a prescription for Elleste 1mg - anyone out there taking it?

Would like to know your experiences, good or bad.


N0tmyrealname Thu 20-Jul-17 21:44:47

Hi all. I did post this on another thread but I think that was an old discussion. Whoops.
I'm 39 and I'd been to my doctors a couple of times over the last 2 years with tiredness, lack of energy, trouble concentrating, scatty memory, night sweats and a low mood. Both doctors (male 30's) told me it was stress/depression. I said I didn't feel that was correct but that was the end of it. Luckily I didn't have any medication for this. Earlier this year I offered to be an egg donor for my sister, the outcome of the test were that I was rapidly approaching menopause and would be having it within the next year. She recommended HRT given my symptoms and wrote a letter to my doctor. I have taken my first elleste duet pill today! I can't wait to see the results.

FoonaBaboona Thu 20-Jul-17 12:38:26

I've just come off Elleste Duet and am trying Tridestra because I got awful spots (acne like) on the Elleste.

Other than that I liked the Elleste better so I am going to see if maybe I can go on the Solo instead and take a different progesterone as my doc said that was probably the reason my skin was so bad (it has cleared up now I'm off Duet).

Ollycat Sat 15-Jul-17 10:43:20

I'm also on day 2 of this - slightly aprehensive but hope it was the right decision.

shushnow Fri 07-Jul-17 23:12:40

So pleased to have found this. Started 2 days ago after a few months of flushes, anxiety. Bit wary sad

Pottybiker Fri 07-Jul-17 06:04:23

No-one has mentioned vaginal dryness and painful sex if you dont take HRT after menopause. There are topical HRT tablets and lubes etc but not the same. Also libido low if no HRT in my experience. In the end have to decide whats most important.

Popsocks60 Wed 10-May-17 10:56:12

Hi, im now in the green tablets, and so far feel ok. Waiting for pmt symptoms to start but at least I'll know what it is when/if I get them. Did have a spot break out last week, but seems to have cleared up ok. Not slept well last 2 nights, no flushes or aches which is good!

TwickersGirl8 Wed 10-May-17 09:16:12


I've just gone on it, a week ago tomorrow. I've had an iffy tummy, a bad pain in my stomach that hurts whenever I sit down or get up and my sleep has been terrible. I'm 55 and didn't have any symptoms other than bad sleep and peeing a lot. I did have a blood test though and I am going through it. I went on it purely for my bones and in the hope that it will improve my sleep and going to the loo. Can anyone tell me if it has helped them with these things please?

Popsocks60 Tue 18-Apr-17 10:31:58

That's helpful Polly, when I next see doctor I'll mention that 👍🏻

PollyPerky Tue 18-Apr-17 09:04:06

52 is young smile But transdermal is safer for everyone. You need a sequi patch- have a read of the Menopause Matters site under Treatments/ HRT/ peri meno.

bigTillyMint Tue 18-Apr-17 08:16:57

Polly, I'm 52. Should I be pushing for transdermal? What do I ask for, remembering that this is a phone call, not face to face!

PollyPerky Tue 18-Apr-17 07:40:42

I wouldn't use Prempak if you paid me. it's a very old type of HRT made with synthetic oestrogen from horses' urine.

The newest types of HRT are made from natural oestrogen like our own. They have fewer side effects and may be safer.
The other thing to think about is, if you 56 and want to stay on HRT long term (into your 60s) you will have to swap to transdermal (a patch or gel) to be safe and reduce the risk of blood clots. Pill form HRT is not the safest and certainly not once you get older.

bigTillyMint Tue 18-Apr-17 07:37:42

Ah, maybe it was the Femoston conti then!
I looked on Menopause Matters and it matches Femoston 2/10 as the same strength as Prempak, so perhaps I should ask for that?

FuckyNell Tue 18-Apr-17 06:58:14

femoston 1/10 is a sequential hrt, so you will bleed. Femoston conti is the no bleed type smile

bigTillyMint Tue 18-Apr-17 06:51:22

Thanks! I already have myself prepared to say all thatgrin

I wonder if Elleste Duet would be a good choice? Good luck to you too!

Popsocks60 Mon 17-Apr-17 21:49:17

Tillymint, I know how you feel. If you feel better with a bleed from a two tablet hrt tell her, plus you want something as close to prempak as possible. It's really worrying when the doctor doesn't seem to have a clue! I don't want to just shove any old medication into my system with out a proper consultation either. Nightmare but hopefully you'll get some good advice. I'll be interested to hear what she says to you. Good luck x

bigTillyMint Mon 17-Apr-17 21:16:01

Popsock, sympathies. Similar story here.

My Prempac is about out and when I went to the chemist was hortified to find out it has been discontinued. They said my GP had changed me to Femoston 1/10 which is totally rubbish as i was mistakenly put on that previously - i still have a monthly bleed and it was the no bleed type.

I now have to have a telephone consultation tomorrow evening with the GP. I want to be able to tell her what i want to go on as I bet she won't have a clue.
But what?!

Popsocks60 Mon 17-Apr-17 21:07:14

Hi. I'm 56 and started menopause a year ago. I was put on prempak c 0.6mg. They were good, stopped flushes and night sweats. Now it's been discontinued and after a bit of a disaster with doctor (she prescribed a non bleed one, when prempak c gave me a monthly bleed) she eventually prescribed Eleste duet 1mg. I've got 3 days left of my prempak c and then start Eleste duet. Thing is it says start with white tablet 1st day if bleed, so hopefully I'll bleed in next 3 days!! I feel like I will, bloated and tearful and a bit pmtd. If I don't bleed in next 3 days what then?? Do I start on the green tablets then take a white one when I have a bleed? Sorry to say but my doctor is pretty rubbish, especially as she made a mistake initially over what type of hrt I should have that's closest to prempak. She initially prescribed Klima-something, without even seeing me, just told to pick up prescription from reception, but the lovely pharmacist told me it was a non bleed one. As I've been coming on monthly I thought that weird. Went back to doctors and Receptionist was condescending and said she could get doctor to phone me and this Klima-thingy was what they prescribe. When Doctor phoned I explained I have 2 tablets and a bleed with prempak c and she went "oh. I see. Right. Erm I'll prescribe Eleste duet 1mg then. Wow, imagine I didn't double check and just took the non bleed one?? Terrible really. Anyway, not sure how I'll react to elleste yet but hope it's ok. I do expect some pmt feelings as I'll be having a period, but can cope with that. Do not want those flushes or sweaty nights!! I didn't gain weight previously so really hope I maintain my current weight. Good luck everyone it's a worrying time but it's good to talk smile)

manxrose21 Mon 27-Feb-17 21:40:15

Hello ladies - I'm 41 and have just taken my very first Femoston 1/10 HRT tablet.....Lots of mixed emotions right now but i'm keeping my fingers (& toes) crossed I'll start to feel more like me soon !! Any advice would be appreciated xxxx

Amandalock1 Sun 15-Jan-17 21:49:11

I was on premique but doctor put me on Femoston as other one discontinued I'm worried I'll put on weight and get headaches and bleeds anyone help?

Kirstied123 Sat 05-Nov-16 15:39:33

Hiya, I joined up today so I can get some advice on Elleste duet! I'm 37 and was diagnosed with premature ovarian failure last Friday, I started taking Elleste duet yesterday and felt fine but today I feel so sick! I have read the little booklet and it does say this is a common side effect but should I just keep taking the tablets and hope the sick feeling goes away or do I stop taking them and go back to my GP in Monday? Has anyone else had this sick feeling and how long did it last? Looking forward to reading your comments and advice! 🙊 Xx

PollyPerky Thu 15-Sep-16 16:10:12

Great that you are seeing some improvement.

The Mirena will give you progestogen just in the uterus which is safer than pills of synthetic oestrogen. Some still gets into the system though but not as much as swallowing pills. With the Mirena you aren't on 'estrogen only HRT' because you're still using 2 hormones.

If you want to avoid all synthetic progestogen then you'd need to use Utrogestan (natural micronised progesterone) either on a cycle (10 days a month) or continuously 25 days a month (for no bleed.) You'd need to think which is better for you as you have endo. Not easy choices are they?

Dawniechick66 Thu 15-Sep-16 05:39:46

Hey everyone so nice to read these comments and realise we all go through the same feelings !! I've just starts my first packet of elleste 1mg... I'm 50 next month and after nearly 5 years of menapause symptoms I succommed to HRT !!! So far so good .... the white tablets gave me and instant relief no night sweats my mood changed my head didn't feel "foggy" anymore I had more patients I wasn't as anxious and life just started to feel brighter !! The green tablets made me feel very PMT - which was very weird I've not had a period for over 5 years !!! So to get the old feelings of a period coming - lower back pain bloated stomach feeling a bit teary is very weird ! So I'm guessing between now and my next pack I'll have a period !!!
However I won't be staying on this HRT I'm waiting for my coil to be replaced which is the mirena because I suffer from endometriosis I've had this in for over 5 years but once it's replaced I will only need oestrogen for HRT as the mirena releases progesterone and as a result I don't have a period and hopefully will not be going through PMT symptoms again ... and I've heard with oestrogen only HRT the risks are lower ... is this true has anyone had to do the same ?
Anyway it's been a big step for me to take HRT and i must say my quality of life is starting to improve I feel human again !!!!

lampkin2406 Wed 31-Aug-16 14:21:51

Is any
one suffering from pigmentation after taking the elleste duet?

laineyloo Wed 13-Jul-16 21:13:42

ive been taking elleste duet conti for 2 weeks now they have reduced my hot flushes but im still a bit depressed although im on celetapram probably got to give it more time yet im very tired as well i will update you more after my monthly visit back to the doctors im 54 and started about 51

laineyloo Wed 13-Jul-16 21:13:42

ive been taking elleste duet conti for 2 weeks now they have reduced my hot flushes but im still a bit depressed although im on celetapram probably got to give it more time yet im very tired as well i will update you more after my monthly visit back to the doctors im 54 and started about 51

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