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Anyone taking Elleste duet?

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DressDownFriday Mon 21-May-12 12:56:12

I've been to the doctors today for my blood test results and been told the menopause is here sad.

I've got a prescription for Elleste 1mg - anyone out there taking it?

Would like to know your experiences, good or bad.


11Phyl Tue 08-Jan-13 08:59:05

Morning MissBoPeep & Nelly8709,
Got my tabs on 2/1/13 and still not taken them as no sign of my period yet!!
Not too sure what to do but I'll ring the doc this morning for some advise, seems crazy as there just sitting there on the table and I'm still suffering (hot flush as I type). Hopefully the melancholy will lift too, just having this black cloud hanging over you is bad enough without all the rest. Nelly8709 is quite right about these postings they really are helpful, joyous & uplifting too smile

11Phyl Wed 16-Jan-13 08:13:19

Well started tablets on Friday after discussion with pharmacist & felt great for the first 3 days/2 nights. Flushers were reduced & slept through 2 whole nights
smile, then a few during Monday/night, THEN BANG Tuesday came and a huge black cloud too sad Crying at the drop of a hat, finger & knee joints giving me jip so couldn't get to sleep & now Wednesday morning, cloud a bit brighter but feeling sooo low. Hubby away so couldn't ring him last night but spoke to him this morning which helped smile. Maybe things get a bit worse then better (i hope so). Meeting a friend later who's a nurse so may have a moan to her. Hope your all doing ok & fingers crossed for a lighter mood soon.

susanann Wed 16-Jan-13 15:46:47

Well ive been on my magic pills for almost 5 weeks now. Hot flushes are virtually gone! wohoo! Had a "period" which wasnt too bad at all. Happy bunny!

Nelly8709 Tue 22-Jan-13 20:43:50

Feeling better every day(I think) about to start the white tablets tomorrow - so here's hoping they continue to do their stuff. Hope you are all feeling the benefits too. If not yet then very soon. Keep posting x

Nelly8709 Tue 22-Jan-13 20:46:27

Hope you are feeling better soon - stick with it I also felt a bit down after about 6 days and thought "oh no here I go again" but it did pass so persevere xxxx

susanann Fri 25-Jan-13 10:35:26

I was so pleased that my hot flushes had virtually gone but in the last week they seem to be coming back. Anyone know why? Do I need a stronger dose?

Kell7222 Wed 06-Feb-13 21:29:24

Hi just joined started on the elleste duet 1mg tablets today I'm 35 and hoping my moods , nights sweats will stop soon. A bit nervous though reading all the side effects

TandTsMum Fri 08-Feb-13 14:23:51

Bellaciao! Thanks for your reply to my post and good advice! I am now on my third month of tablets and after what seemed like an initial inprovement I am now back to square one. I think the initial improvement may have been due to the iron tablets I was prescribed for anaemia. My mood is still very low, no tolerance, no energy, aching bones, insomnia.... So Im going back to the docs & Im going to ask to be referred to the meno clinic. My [female] GP cant wait to usher me out the door which I find upsetting. It may be a natural process (well not that natural as Im only 41 so I should have about another 15 years of a normal hormone profile Grrrrrr!) but its impact on my quality of life is HUGE!!! The GP even told me to just phone in next time - didnt want to see me!! Anyway, Im keeping the faith that things will improve eventually. Thanks for your experiences ladies - keep sharing!

Joshiro Fri 08-Feb-13 20:40:01

been taking Elleste Duet 1mg for 6 days and have a terrible headache. Hoping that my mood swings, tolerance levels, aching joints, memory loss, inability to concentrate improve. Will keep you posted. Found all posts very helpful

julie46 Tue 19-Feb-13 14:50:50

Hello Ladies ! I am 45 and have taken 3 days of Elleste Duet, Im feeling abit weird to be honest, very achy is that normal, also headaches for unknown reasons. Ive been suffering for 2 years plus and my symptoms dismissed by Dr's as I previously had a ovarian cyst. Only 3 days in so early days ! Glad to have found you, people (family and freinds) not that forthcoming discussing the menopause (has anyone else noticed that lol) smile

Lightfandango Mon 04-Mar-13 20:34:32

Susanann - I am interested in what you decided to do. I have been taking Elleste Duet 1mg for ages and thought it was brilliant - no flushes whatsoever. Took a break 'to see' if the flushes had gone - they hadn't - so went back on the magic pills. All ok, (though they did take longer to work second time around), however the last few nights the flushes are back - not sure whether to 'wait and see' if they go again or ask for a higher dose - I'm 52

Jac1967 Tue 05-Mar-13 10:46:12

Hi Ladies, I'm nearing the end of my first packet of elleste duet, I'm 45 and my periods stopped last October. I felt great on the white tablets (although can't tolerate more than one glass of wine without feeling really sick the next day) BUT have really bad pmt on the green one's so much so that I want to skip the green ones next month. Anyone else had similar experiences?

Bellaciao Tue 05-Mar-13 19:54:41

Hi there Jac - I've never taken Elleste Duet but when I first went onto HRT I used the patches which had the same (synthetic) progestogen in them - norethisterone - and they gave me bad headaches/migraines.
This is one of the more common side effects of this progestogen so I would suggest trying a different HRT. If you want to continue with pills then some women find Femoston easier to tolerate as the progestogen (Dydrogesterone) is similar to our own progesterone - ie the one made in our bodies.
You could try that and see how you feel.
There are others - patches or gel and separate oestrogen and progesterone to try if that doesn't do the trick.

They are all listed on Menopause Matters website:

Hope this helps

Facebaffle Fri 08-Mar-13 17:19:47

I suffered too with bad pmt whilst taking the tablets but this has now passed. It did take a few months before everything settled down. I feel great now smile

Applecat22 Sun 10-Mar-13 17:46:38

I am 43 and have been on ellest duet 1mg for aprox 2 year after docs telling me i was entering early menapause 😢.. I was scared at first to take the pills.. But started them on first day of my scattery periods .. After the 1st month i had a hellish period with migraine with aura.. But since then iv been fine.. They certainly reduce the hot flushes and my periods last only 3/4 days and are light.. Get the odd nights sweats a few days before period due .. But other than this iv been sleeping for scotland lol... My periods have always been bang smack on time usually come on 3rd tablet day of a new months pack.. This month it was late by 5 days... Anyone else experienced this lateness?? I presume this is normal.. As i took last months tablets on time..

Jac1967 Mon 11-Mar-13 09:14:17

Thanks ladies for your replies, they're really helpful....I'm going to take the advice and ask to be changed to Femoston, I can't put myself or my kids through another cycle of green tabs, they quite literally changed me into a mad woman!! Couldn't stop crying, if I had a husband I'm sure he'd have left too!!

Facebaffle Thu 14-Mar-13 18:37:10

applecat My period does fluctuate by a couple of days but usually around the same time iyswim ( last month I started on a Wednesday, as usual, and this month it was a little later on the Saturday). I'm not sure why this happens.

Liverbird28 Wed 20-Mar-13 09:51:30

Hello ladies
I've just found this forum and thank goodness. I'm 50 and have just been prescribed HRT.
I started taking elleste duet 1mg 5days ago and I have to admit I'm feeling a bit strange. I've been suffering with an upset tummy and I have a dull headache most of the time.
Also the skin on my hands is feeling "tingly" not itchy, very strange.

Has anyone else felt this?

I'm loving reading all your experiences, it seems you need to persevere!

Jac1967 Wed 20-Mar-13 10:30:14

I've just been back to the Doc and been given Femoston as an alternative to Elleste duet (green tabs did not agree with me at all) anyone else taking Femoston. I know I'm OK on the oestrogen part, its the progesterone cycle which seems to be the problem with me x

highandmighty Wed 20-Mar-13 15:28:51

hi ladies,,ive been taking elleste duet 1mg for 6 days now,,not helping with the depressive thoughts and fatigue,,anyone know how long they take to start working,,thanx

highandmighty Wed 20-Mar-13 16:35:48

i just joined this site today and my mood has been lifted already with reading all your stories,,it,s good to feel im not alone with the menopause symptoms as thats how it felt,,thank you all x

silverqueen Sat 23-Mar-13 09:38:07

Hi.Ive just come off elleste for the same reasons as you ,doc perscribed femoston-conti yesterday but im really nervious about taking them .I havnt bled for 8 months not even while on the elleste all the info says you should not take femoston unless you have been bleed free for a year ,which i havnt she didnt seem concerned about this but i am and dont no what to do .By the way im 49 and just want to feel normal again .Looking forward to your thoughts .

silverqueen Sat 23-Mar-13 10:31:51

Hi.Iwas on elleste duet for 3 months ,i saw a dramatic difference on day13 ,but had to come off them as the green tabs made me feel rotten .So hang in there. Good luck.

suzyt000 Mon 25-Mar-13 10:11:46

Just started Elleste Duet 1mg, I am on my 4th tablet today. it was really helpful reading all your comments. Really worried about the green tablets though. My symptoms were never that dramatic physically but I have felt very emotional and concentration was becoming a problem. I am 56 and feel I have been lucky so far, however the emotional turmoil is not so good.

Happyhogswiltshire2013 Tue 26-Mar-13 13:00:29

Hi, I've just joined this site because like many of you have been searching for help about taking HRT! I had blood test a few months back that showed I am going into menopause, at 47 still quite early. I tried herbal help Black Cohosh and Agnus Castus, it helped a bit with low mood, anxiety and some of the weird feelings and mood swings, didn't really help hot flushes, but I only had those mildly and around my period time. The anxiety and feeling weird plus no energy or concentration has been the worse feeling and the most debilitating; my GPs are kind, but a little out of date on help with this, so I am wondering if anyone else tried herbs then moved on to HRT? I started my first Elleste tablets on Sunday, have felt very sick and dizzy yesterday and today, and because I was on the herbs have just cut down on them with a view to stopping them in the next few days... wondering if thats making me feel so ill?? This is the only helpful site I've found and I am very grateful to all the comments and advice given.. it does make me feel slightly less alone!! why doesnt anyone tell us about menopause when we do all those biology lessons on how to avoid getting pregnant in school? its a real no-go area in our culture but the affects on us (family, work, life!) are so dramatic for those of us that suffer it should be talked about more, advice given and more resources given to research! the impact on GDP must be huge! My 20 year career ended just before xmas and my ill health was probably in part due to severe peri-menopausal symptoms!! thanks for help advice anyone has about herbs and HRT!xx

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