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Period two weeks early - has this happened to anyone else?

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CrockoDuck Sat 10-Mar-12 17:24:41

I'm 42, with a (usually) clockwork cycle of 28 days.

My period has arrived unexpectedly today 17 days after the beginning of the last one. (Zero chance of pregnancy, btw).

Is this perimenopause?

Your experiences would help calm me down a bit, so thanks ladies smile

mycatsaysach Sat 10-Mar-12 17:31:41

could be - check the meno thread.

i am 45 and mine comes whenever it feels like it nowadays.

alemci Sat 10-Mar-12 17:48:59

yes age 44 and mine is random. usually sooner rather than later. it started this week after aoout a gap of 2 weeks but then stopped but have crampy stomach.

fortyplus Sat 10-Mar-12 17:53:14

Mine did this a couple of years ago. Then started being rather erratic. Now I haven't had a period since August so I think I'm probably menopausal. Doc says that at age 50 (which I am) no period for 6 months is a pretty good indication of menopause even though blood tests didn't agree.

CrockoDuck Sat 10-Mar-12 18:08:22

@Mycatsaysach - Yep, spotted the meno thread after I posted this, and can see that my exp. is pretty normal!

But would still like to hear from anyone else.

sigh Did anyone of us ever think the menopause would actually happen to us? That's for grannies, isn't it???? smile

Suburbanworrier Fri 10-May-13 07:38:37

I'm 49 and have had erratic periods and various perimenopause symptoms for a while. Just finished a long but light period and two days lighter it's started again. Going to see gynae, but anyone else had this?

VenusRising Sat 11-May-13 00:14:21

I've just had an ovulation, one month from my last period.
I've found that my periods are becoming more erratic, and some cycles are anovulatory, with very light manageable periods, and periods after ovulation are humongously bloody, clotty and crampy.

I've had pmt for three weeks and have burst out in acne, with hot flashes too.
All blood tests normal... Am 45.

Sorry to witter on so, what I'm trying to say OP is that, it depends, and if you're really concerned, go to your GP and get blood tests done. Hth.

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