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Late menopause

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RockinD Wed 15-Feb-12 20:01:19

When I started my periods, Richard Nixon was in the White House and the Beatles were still together.

Still having periods now. Missed one in 2010 and two last summer, but that's all. Had one a fortnight ago and niggly ovulation type pain on one side all weekend, so I guess there's another on its way.

I was 56 in November. I have no female relatives to compare, although my Mum had a hysterectomy at the age of 50 and was told by her gynae at the time that if he left her she'd never go through the menopause.

Every time I go near a hcp they ask me when my periods stopped, I say they haven't and they move on without comment, but I am becoming somewhat of a curiosity where I work.

Although I am pleased not to have any menopausal symptoms, I am starting to think that this is all getting a bit silly. I should be through this by now, shouldn't I?

Please tell me I am not the oldest naturally menstruating woman you know.


storytopper Wed 15-Feb-12 23:04:07

I had my last period (I hope) just over a year ago - I was 56. Didn't last quite as long as you, but almost.

I was told that if you still have periods, you have more oestrogen circulating - which brings the benefits of fewer wrinkles and less chance of osteoporosis.

It's nice to be finally rid of the monthly pain and mess but there were advantages.

As long as you are keeping well, OP, don't worry about it.

ameliagrey Thu 16-Feb-12 08:42:26

I think the oldest age is about 60.

Just a word of need to be absolutely sure that the bleeding you have is a period- and not a sign of uterine cancer. It's not unheard of for women to have a symptom free menopause, then bleed now and then- and assume it's a period when in fact it's cancer of the uterus.

I had my last period around 54- possibly 53 and a bit- but as I take HRT now I do have occasional "odd" bleeds that I have had investigated.

Towards the meno women have a lot of anovular cycles- no eggs released - but still have bleeding.

I think you should keep an eye on things and TBH if I were you I'd ask my GP for a blood test for hormone levels just to be sure all was okay.

You are also at a higher risk for breast cancer with a late meno, so make sure you attend mammograms etc every 2-3 years.

RockinD Tue 13-Mar-12 14:57:07

I've just had my FSH tested and the reading came back at 11, so not even peri menopausal. In fact my GP thinks that at this level I am probably still ovulating (eek!).

He clearly does not know what to do. Should I ask for a referral?


RockinD Thu 23-Aug-12 20:15:17

Me again!

I asked my GP about a referral and he said he would discuss me at practice meeting - still waiting for feedback on that.

In the meantime I have not had a period since the end of May, but I have no other symptoms, so I am now very confused.


scaredycat12 Thu 23-Aug-12 23:02:14

It is possible to have a symptom free menopause. I did (although by the age of 40 I had an FSH of over 100 so am at the other end of the spectrum to you!!!)

It does seem odd that you had FSH of 11 in March and then no period since May. However if my experience proves anything it's that every body is different. Perhaps your body has been mega efficient at responding to the FSH up until now - it's when your ovaries don't respond that your body pumps out more FSH to get them to work - and it has just realised that you don't have any / many eggs left so your FSH is now on the rise. Perhaps this is the beginning of peri for you?

MissBoPeep Fri 24-Aug-12 14:40:26

It's not unknown for someone to still be peri at aged 56. There are recorded live births of women aged 57! ( natural conception BTW)

IMO I suspect you have been in peri for a while, are a woman who has few or no peri-meno symptoms, ( 25% of women have no symptoms) and on the day that you had your FSH test your hormones were unusually high- which happens during peri. Another test a week later may have given a completely different result.

Bellaciao Fri 24-Aug-12 19:37:21

Hi RockinD

I had a fairly late menopause as well (though not 56) I was still having natural periods at 53 - though infrequently in the last 18 months - but went on to HRT at 54 so no idea if I would have had another one. I also did not have any classic meno symptoms until I had been quite a long time without a period eg 5 months - so I thought I had been really lucky!

As storytopper said - you've probably still got enough oestrogen circulating to prevent flushes so provided there is nothing sinister afoot as ameliagray said a while back - thank your lucky stars!!!

tazzle22 Fri 24-Aug-12 20:14:06

Well I am almost 56 and still having periods... been having them since aged 10 ..... bit fed up now !

According to blood workup about year or so ago I should have been menopausal..... but no one told my uterus lol.

Had check for cancer as had extra and closer together but all clear..... yes it is worth keeping an eye on how much and when.

Kasvic Sat 03-Nov-12 19:48:27

I was googling 'late menopause' and came across this conversation so joined 'Mumsnet' to contribute. I'm 59 and still having regular periods - I mentioned it to my GP and she said 'lucky you' so I'm not worried but I do feel a bit of an oddity. We've stopped using contraception as I'm sure I can't still be ovulating but am considering asking for a blood test to determine my hormone status. I feel fine and my periods don't particularly bother me I just feel abit tired and drained when they arrive.

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