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How long to continue HRT

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lynyrdskynyrd Tue 13-Dec-11 19:55:21

About 3 years ago I had a total hysterectomy and requested HRT. I got the patch type and it works well. The last two times I have been for my repeat the doctor has discussed increased risks of breast cancer, given me reading literature and the figures of how if you take it over 5 years or something there are a few more cases per thousand of breast cancer. Im 52 btw.

I dont know how long to carry on with it. Has anyone had any experience of stopping?

ameliagrey Wed 14-Dec-11 09:37:18


I've been on HRT for 3 years now.
My gynae says that up to 5 years is relatively safe.

If you have no uterus ( and no ovaries???) so you should be taking oestrogen- only HRT- not oestrogen and progestins.

This is a much safer type of HRT than the combined sort as latest research shows that it's the progestins that are probably the cause of breast cancer- and some studies show that women who take oestrogen-only HRT have a lower risk of breast cancer- even if this is not so, there are very few extra cases due to oestrogen-only HRT after 10 years; stats show 5 more cases per 1000 womn after 10 years , compared with 19 more cases for combined HRT.

I suppose the question is- did you have symptoms before you took HRT- if not, then why take it?

No one can decide what is right for you- it's down to weighing up risks and benefits. If you have really bad meno symptoms then you might want to carry on for say 10 years or longer- if you don't, then you could try weaning yourself off it now and see how you feel.

Ari1964 Sat 18-Jul-15 09:02:36

Hi I'm 51
I've been on evorel conti for 2 and a half years and I feel great
Took it as menopause side effects were horrific- they disappeared completely in about 2 weeks.
I'm worried that if I stop the symptoms will come back
Is it safe to stay on for up to 5 years?

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