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What I HATE: Nice Day Off ahead- then awake tired and hormonal. Day ruined!

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Erebus Tue 18-Oct-11 15:04:55

I am almost reaching the stage of having to have a Plan B, ie what I can do if that happens. I might be so looking forward to a day of Me Time, going shopping or getting stuck into a project... then I have a completely crap night's sleep (4a.m this morning...) and finally got up feeling 'down' if not quite tearful. So really not at all up for all I had planned. I dread the Must Do of the oncoming Xmas period where I can't just say 'sod it, if I go shopping I'll end up sobbing or furious in the loos at John Lewis. Stay home and reschedule'.

Am pissed off by this peri-menopause! I'm 47 fgs!

Moan over.

durhambound Tue 18-Oct-11 20:00:57

I have been feeling the same. Also 47! I try not to plan too far ahead to be honest. Hope you are having a nice bath and having some chocolate. Just be kind to yourself. smile

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