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Is this the start of the peri-menopause? TMI Warning.

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ScarahStratton Sun 16-Oct-11 17:25:05

Normally I have nice, light, regular periods. No cramping, no pain or bloating (I know, I've been incredibly fortunate).

This month I am having the period from hell. Very heavy, feel like I've put on 2 stone in as many days, and absolutely horrific cramps that nothing is shifting.

I've spent hours in a steaming hot bath today, and just want to crawl into bed with a big mug of tea and LittleDog to cuddle.

I'm 44.

PeterSpots Tue 16-Jun-15 17:16:04

Not sure where I posted before. But yes that is the whole point I haven't beena able to cope with the face problem & my stress has caused the old injuries to return. That was my point about AD as I am not coping & stressing myself out. The pelvic pain resulted in 6 years & 11 operations before they found out what was wrong. Since then I have not been able to cope when medically things have gone wrong. It is not a coincidence that these things have happened while I was stressing over my face but now I'm stuck with them. I have to mentally deal with it. It may have occurred at the same time as my oestrogen going of whack. Why should my ankles hurt now. It's all ridiculous

PeterSpots Tue 16-Jun-15 17:09:12

Hi know. That's the whole point. sad

pinkfrocks Tue 16-Jun-15 15:57:29

what you describe is not a body falling apart! You have a few aches and pains that are mainly old injuries rearing their head again due- as you say here- to overuse or wearing heels etc. calm down! You are causing all this stress by over-reacting to what may not be very serious at all.

PeterSpots Tue 16-Jun-15 15:47:12

Hello, my mind set tells me my body is falling apart. The face is being sorted with physio and stress plays a part in clenching. This occurred after a 2 month period of stress between november and january (this has resolved) I was so stressed over the face sensations that just tipped me over the edge and then within one week my buttocks hurt (old injury) my pelvic pain came back (could have been an infection) wore heels a week ago and now my ankles hurt (old injury). It has stressed me so much and now my wrist hurt because Ive probably been on my phone trying to find out why too much. I think it could be the menopause as my joints have started to ache..............or the stress my mind is putting me under. Will have a scan tomorrow to see if pelvic thing has come back or it was some kind of infection.......bum felt better today and pelvic pain...........fingers crossed.

pinkfrocks Tue 16-Jun-15 10:38:04

Is your body falling apart though? I'm going to be frank and say that your mindset is the cause of your troubles from what you have said. You have buttock pain- that could be sciatica- and joint pain in your ankle. I fully agree that anxiety can cause physical problems, but you have said that the problems came first and the anxiety next.

ADs are for people who are depressed and drs have been told recently to cut down on these because the evidence is that they rarely have much effect except for severe clinical depression. They aren't a quick fix or a long term answer for most people.

It's more likely that low oestrogen is causing you some aches and pains and also affecting your mood.

Have you tried things like a massage?

PeterSpots Tue 16-Jun-15 10:07:59

Thank you....Hello, the face is muscle tension from clenching. The buttocks are an old injury and the joints are probably hurting from stress and tension in all my muscles because I get hyper sensitive when something physical happens to me. I haven't been on ADs for 20 years. I am just trying to find a solution to deal with my anxiety which is on overload and I think contributing to my symptoms. Anxiety and stress can effect the body so much. I am just looking for an answer why my body is falling apart.

pinkfrocks Tue 16-Jun-15 07:55:57

You seem to want ADs but ask yourself if they are really the answer? You aren't depressed- it seems though your GP ought to assess you for that (you imply they have and offered you pain relief instead.) If you take ADs and you still have this pain, then what? Are you going to take ADs forever?
If you are stressed through your pain, then the right treatment is to find the cause of the pain and treat it. It's your own thoughts that are creating your anxiety- and the answer to that is usually treatment like CBT, not drugs. Drugs will just take the edge off your emotions- they won't address the root of your problem. Facial pain can be things like neuralgia, maybe even shingles, or similar viral infections. These can take months to go away but you need tests to find out what is going on.
I hope you get some good treatment tomorrow flowers

PeterSpots Tue 16-Jun-15 07:30:15

I think I have stressed myself out so much I have caused everything to fall apart. I don't seem to be able to cope when bits of me go wrong. See gynae tomorrow but I think I may have to go on anti depressants because of the stare I've got myself in. When I was told it was viral I panicked for months. I Just seem to be wired up wrong.

mandmsmummy Mon 15-Jun-15 23:40:07

Just to say, I was referred for tingling in my face, tests done and put down to viral or hormones. Xx

PeterSpots Sun 14-Jun-15 10:10:24

Hello. I will ask as some sites say tingling face can be a symptom & muscle pain but the consultant runs a menopause clinic so he will be able to tell me more. I am waking up drenched with a huge rush of adrenaline but I'm used to it now so I didn't connect. Thank you for all your advice and I will wait & see. Maybe it's just stress and my 50th birthday

PeterSpots Sat 13-Jun-15 13:23:24

the pain. Things are much better with dd2. I have a good life. I'm worried I have caused all this through stress & it won't go. I haved had chronic pain 2 in my life. 1 for 6 years, 1 for 2, I recovered but it changed me & I can't go through it again. The face tingling won't go til I relax. I can't because of the buttock etc. it's a vicious circle. I am vit d deficient & have just started tabs. I am see Physio over buttocks in another week. Will have test for hormones just in case. I see it as one large mess instead of 4 things. In jam I was doing zumba 1 week & yoga 3x week. Was told to stop because of brain virus. Now body falling apart & even difficult to do yoga. Anxiety yes, depression maybe. I can't face living in pain again

pinkfrocks Sat 13-Jun-15 12:54:29

what is causing your stress- the pain or other things?

If it's the pain, it needs treating, but if it's other things then you maybe ought to consider things like counselling or CBT- talking therapies.

PeterSpots Sat 13-Jun-15 10:56:04

Doctor just says its anxiety. I asked for referral about pelvic pain. He was reluctant but I said if this is all through stress I still need treating. He is reluctant to send me to someone about the buttock pain. I am seeing a physio about the TMD muscle spasm in face. I have got in a real mess. It is an awful coincidence that all the previous injuries have come back. I know I was clutching at straws that the fluctuating hormones could cause problems with old injuries and make everything loose/play up or it is chronic tension & those areas are my weakest. I am so low I find it hard to function

pinkfrocks Sat 13-Jun-15 10:49:16

sorry you feel so low. This kind of pain is not connected with menopause. Some women get aching joints but that is not what you describe is it?

anti depressants are not the answer unless you have been diagnosed with genuine clinical depression. Your Gp needs to refer you to someone who can assess the pain and decide if it's psychosematic, or has some real physical reason. It's not the answer just to dose you up with ADs.

They could refer you to a pain clinic for assessment or a neurologist- don't be fobbed off- ask for a referral or tests.

PeterSpots Sat 13-Jun-15 10:38:01

Hello. My dd2 was self harming but we dealt with it but I think I did cry everyday for 2 months. She's well & happy now & we worked with her to feel better. Then in January I had the tingling/pressure in my face. Was told brain virus & panicked. Then 6 weeks ago all my old injuries/things came back. Pelvic pain, buttock pain, ankle. The pelvic pain nearly broke me last time. I have no reserves to deal with the pain. It was the gyena who said about my hormones. I'm seeing him on Wednesday. I am a state I can't function in this pain or with this anxiety. Doctor offered nurofen & said I was stressed. Thinking about an anti depressant or by some fluke the gynae thinks hormones I would take hrt. I am not coping

pinkfrocks Sat 13-Jun-15 10:03:59

which came first- the anxiety or the pains?

You sound really anxious so is this your 'normal' state or is it because of the pains etc?

Is there anything going on in your life that is causing you anxiety or stress? Are you unhappy?

what's your overall lifestyle like- do you work? Do you take exercise and eat healthily?

What is your GP saying about all of this? Have they not referred you for an assessment of your pain to see if it's sciatica or some other form of pain caused maybe by a trapped nerve, or nerve damage?

It honestly doesn't sound like menopause although anxiety can be part of that.

PeterSpots Sat 13-Jun-15 09:32:44

Maybe this is my life to live with all these injuries & pain. Honestly don't know what I've done to have them. The anxiety is horrendous

PeterSpots Fri 12-Jun-15 20:10:49

No it's me clutching at straws as to why all these horrible things are happening to me. He said it about the pelvic pain & I'm so stressed about all these odd symptoms I'm clutching at straws but thank you for replying

pinkfrocks Fri 12-Jun-15 19:53:30

TBH I've never heard of muscle tension in the face caused by fluctuating hormones- is this a gynaecologist saying this?

PeterSpots Fri 12-Jun-15 16:46:32

It's ovarien vein that when it goes wrong it causes pain like varicose veins in your pelvis. It all started with the tingling face & now muscle tension in buttocks and old injuries coming back. As consultant said my hormones are fluctuating then maybe that's what started the muscle tension in my face.

pinkfrocks Fri 12-Jun-15 16:37:38

it doesn't sound like peri meno , really. I don't know what pelvic congestion is- what does that mean?

PeterSpots Fri 12-Jun-15 16:28:27

Just wonder if all the muscle tension, anxiety & now the pelvic pain could be Peri menopause. My body has gone crazy. I was stressed over the face problem & I don't know if I've wreaked my body cos I am so stressed

PeterSpots Fri 12-Jun-15 16:22:18

Trying to exercise. Yoga. 5ft 1 & 8 6 (which is heavy for me) was told to stop exercising because of tingling face. I was told it was a brain virus at first

PeterSpots Fri 12-Jun-15 16:21:02

Hello. I was diagnosed with pelvic congestion 12 years ago & it basically settled. I've had a really bad 6 months starting & still have tingling face & a month ago my buttocks started hurting & my pelvic pain came back with a vengeance. Nearly went to A&E. Diagnosed with muscle spasms in face (having physio) it was very stressful & took 4 months to find out what it was but sent To gynea because of pelvic pain. Just wondering if all my aches could be from perimenopause.

pinkfrocks Fri 12-Jun-15 15:27:03

Are you in the UK? Just asking because scans are usually reserved for possible issues around odd bleeding, possible ovarian cysts, fibroids etc. It's not usual to do a scan for aches and pains not connected to gynae issues.

Has your GP referred you for the scan and on what basis?

Many women get aches and pains in the joints during menopause possibly due to low oestrogen. How are you looking after yourself generally- are you eating well, a sensible weight, exercising etc- all the stuff we have to do to stay fit?

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