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40, post menopause and bleeding

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ilovepesto Sat 17-Sep-11 17:12:59

Hi all, I've tried posting in chat but no replies as such. I'm apparently post menopause but haven't stopped bleeding. The GP is sending me for a scan to check I dont' have ovarian cancer (wtf). I'm feeling really anxious about this. Can someone please tell me if they know why I would still be bleeding? I've seen 2 GP's and none of them seem to know very much about the menopause. Someone please help!!!!

AuntieMonica Sat 17-Sep-11 17:34:41

Hi there

i'm not a medic or anything, so can't give you any answers, but have read some of your previous posts as have been having similar symptoms as you've been talking about recently.

you say your GP sent you for blood tests, and that these came back as confirmation that you are post-menopausal, have you had this checked out? ie done again? i just wonder if maybe your results weren't accurate and that they should have read peri-menopausal?

my results were within the 'normal' range for peri-m, but at the lower end, so my GP has said it's likely i'm on the way, and to take the highest dose of EPO I can buy, i've only been taking it for a few weeks, and already i feel the difference. this MP has been almost non-existent, and my moods have lifted.

are you still having other symptoms too?

ilovepesto Sat 17-Sep-11 18:36:13

Hi aunt monica. I've had two GP's explain to me that I'm POST menopausal (not shouting just exaggerating the madness of it). smile. I made them show the results to me on the screen. The second GP I saw (because I didn't trust the first one - he said come back in 12 months but eventually did retest me and my thyroid) and so the second GP said to me 'yep, you've gone through the menopause and will have to go on HRT'. Then I reminded her that I'm still bleeding; she was flummoxed!!!! Other symptoms include weight gain, itching, very dry eyes, strange sensations in my bladder and ocassional pissy knickers grin, actually that's not that funny! My body odour, especially after exercise is disgusting. I bleed every other week, sometimes a day, sometimes spotting, sometimes for 10 or more days - it's all gone mad! I bloat a lot and my stomach becomes quite painful (not always though), I have constant wind (not burping - the other end). I'm hot all the time but not really had hot sweats, although I have woke up soaked in sweat on a few occasions and I mean literally I could ring the sweat out! I'm most concerned that I'm still bleeding, although in a previous post someone did mention that premature menopause can be followed by continued if erratic bleeding. I'm not sure I'll be happy until someone knows what they're talking about, for example a doctor. I hope I don't have to wait too long for a scan. Thanks so much auntmonica - what's your symptoms? What's going on with you?

ilovepesto Sat 17-Sep-11 18:46:37

Auntmonica this might help, I just went through an old post and this was brilliant advice given by either Choux or Strawberryjelly (sorry can't remember who, forgot to copy name)

FSH level greater than 35 indicates premature menopause regardless of if you are still getting periods. Below is an extract from this website:

FSH levels above 10 to 12 mlu/ml indicate that your ovaries are starting to fail. In other words, this means that you are in perimenopause -- the beginning stages of menopause when you notice physical symptoms, but before you have stopped having a period for a year, or have "diminished ovarian reserve"
Higher FSH levels -- levels about 30 to 40 or above -- are usually taken to signal menopause or ovarian failure. You may even be getting periods with your FSH levels this high, but it still is a sign that your body isn't producing enough estrogen to maintain regular ovarian function.
Keep in mind that you may end up with FSH levels that are well in the post-menopausal range, but still be getting a period. This is one of the things that differentiates premature menopause or premature ovarian failure from "regular" menopause (i.e. menopause that occurs to older women after a full year without a period). Yet again, this hammers home the unfortunate fact that you may indeed be in premature menopause even if you're having periods. Once your FSH levels have reached a certain height for a period of time, it's highly unlikely that they'll drop back to premenopausal levels.

In my own experience my FSH has been measured at 99 but I was still having semi regular periods at that time with cycles ranging from 32 to 99 days. 4 months ago I started taking HRT and I do feel more positive about things now. I don't think I was suffering from depression but I was definitely not feeling my usual self over the last 18 months or so. Additionally oestrogen - which is found in HRT - is crucial to protect your bones if you are having an early menopause. Your doctors should be recommending you take it until you are 50 or so.

AuntieMonica Sat 17-Sep-11 19:44:13

my GP has been very good, has also explained that levels will well be unstable and are unlikely again to be at a pre-perimenopausal level, whilst this is not a solid diagnosis of which stage i'm at, i accept this. it's the start of the end i know shock

i am slightly older than you (44 this past July) and menopause is 'normal' at aged 45-55 i think, so a few months either side won't cause any medical upset by me.

i'm not on HRT yet, the EPO definitely helps, and i've radically changed my diet over the last 6months too. I no longer eat meat, i eat far more raw foods and i've upped my exercise regime (well, being honest, actually doing some for the 1st time in about 4 years), i eat nuts and pulses and lots of fish, haven't managed to cut out alcohol, but come on, a woman's got to have somehting, surely grin

i was having the most horrendous PMT i've ever had in my life, despite having the Mirena Coil fitted last Sept, breast tenderness that made it painful to sleep on my front, periods lasting anything from a day to 3 weeks with the same sort of gap in between. smears all are clear though, as well as swabs for any infection from the coil. i still get terrible rises in temp, but am sort of looking forwards to saving a few quid on the heating bills this winter if they keep up!

i thought it was the coil causing these symptoms at first, but since the EPO has helped, have not had it removed.

ameliagrey Sun 18-Sep-11 09:01:56

Hi Ladies- I was strawberry jelly but name changed ( confession.)

OP I think it is obvious from your symptoms that you are not post menopausal. Anyone who is bleeding as much as you are can't be. Full stop. (Or period as they say in US smile)

If you were genuinely post meno and bleeding like this, the odds were you would have uterine cancer not ovarian cancer anyway ( which doesn't exhibit as bleeding)- so your GP sounds useless TBH.

This sounds peri meno and can easily be righted by taking daily porgesterone- like the mini pill. I have known a few friends with your symptoms and it was sorted pronto.

My own experience- very different from yours, but I have a brill gynae who I see privately and have learned a lot from- is that when he tested my hormones at 52, said i was post meno- ha ha. I was still having periods, regularly. I had no other symptoms but had consulted him due to low bone denisty and wanted a full screening etc and advice, as he is a meno expert.

I continued to have more or less regular periods for another 18 months, and then another blood test showed post meno. Even after that, after a gap of over a year,age 54, I had 2 "periods" which necessitated a hysteroscopy ( camera in uterus) . All okay.

I think you should ask for a referral to a gynae as your GP seems out of their depth.

FWIW, meno before age 40 is premature, and you ought to take HRT until age of average meno-50 to protect your bones.

Meno between 40-45 is early and again HRT should be considered.

Average age of meno in UK is just under 52.

Go back to your GP.

ilovepesto Sun 18-Sep-11 11:00:57

Thanks Amelia. I really don't feel that I'm post meno. I've had symptoms but it just doesn't feel right. Hopefully the GP has made my referral to the hospital and I will be seen sooner rather than later. The GP did say she did not know and that she would have to seek advice. I just don't want to have cancer (obviously) and I'm very confused by all of this. Although saying that I trust your experience amelia and feel somewhat relieved by your post. I may look into private gynae care when I get back to work. smile Thank you!

ameliagrey Sun 18-Sep-11 13:31:39

I hope you get on okay. FWIW the signs of ovarian cancer are bloating, funny tummies, pain, more urination, funny bowels- all due to the tumour pressing on organs.

If your GP susupects this they ought to offer you a blood test- the C125 test ( which is only accurate with advanced tumours anyway), and an urgent scan.

TBH the worst case scenario that would be more common in someone your age with unexplained bleeding, not related to hormones, would be cervical cancer- so trust your smears are up to date.

Best of luck.

ilovepesto Thu 22-Sep-11 20:13:00

I had my appointment through today for a scan on Monday - that's quick work. Another strange thing happening to me is a really watery discharge. Pretty much all of the time (when I'm not bleeding that is) and is visible when I go for a wee. Oh well, I'm hoping I'll get some answers and relief when I go for my scan. I've also got the doctors on Wednesday. Has anyone else experienced a really watery discharge - no smell or pretty clear in colour?

Spaniels4 Wed 30-Aug-17 17:44:49

Hello, I'm new here but hoping someone can help? I have gained a lot of weight for some unknown reason, I've had all the blood tests etc I finally asked for my hormones to be checked as last time I had a sudden weight gain it was down to hormone imbalance, I'm now 64. My blood test results are showing ( apparently) that I'm early menopausal, my periods stopped 17 years ago, does anyone know what this means? Could this be causing weight gain? What is the solution, all replies gratefully received, thanks.

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