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How many different HRT tablets did you try?

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fresh Tue 06-Sep-11 10:45:56

I'm just wondering how much longer to give it. Started on Duette but after a year the symptoms came back so went on to Elleste. Brain disappeared again so have changed to Femoston but they have side effects too (restless legs, even more painful periods than before..gah). GP is sending me for blood test to check iron levels but I'm sure it's the HRT. When I asked how much longer we keep trying to find the right tablet, she said it was 'up to me' which wasn't madly helpful.
So, how many different types did you try? Am also considering hysterectomy (in fact, if you gave me the instructions and a dessert spoon I would probably attempt it myself, given my feelings today!) which would at least mean I could go on to oestrogen only HRT (believe it's the progesterone which causes my side effects).
So, how long did you give it and were you successful in the end?

ameliagrey Sat 17-Sep-11 14:22:49

I don't take tablets- I use an oestrogen gel and progesterone tablets once every 3 months.

This seems to suit me well and I have not had to change to anything else in 3 years.

ameliagrey Sat 17-Sep-11 14:24:58

It might help to go to a gynae or a menopause clinic for more expert advice.

In France, many women use gel, whereas in the UK it's not so common.

With my regime I have a period once every 3 months so the progsterone is taken only once every 12 weeks.

MrsRobertDuvall Sat 17-Sep-11 14:26:06

I have been using Elleste for about 2 years, and it suits me .
I was interested in your "brain disappeared again" comment, as I have to say I feel a bit like that, but put it down to age.

higgle Sat 17-Sep-11 15:43:45

I've been on Kliofem for 2 years now - great skin, great libido, no symptoms, never want to stop.

MrsRobertDuvall Sat 17-Sep-11 16:04:56

I have no libido at all...haven't for about 10 years.
Maybe I should change to Kliofem......

fresh Sun 02-Oct-11 16:18:48

Sorry not to have been back..assumed no-one was going to answer so stopped checking! blush. Thanks for the replies. Turns out I have very low iron levels so that's the restless legs mystery solved (but now I have to take ferrous sulphate, which requires a spreadsheet to work out the timings to avoid tea, coffee, milk, eggs or whole grains hmm). So am sticking with Femoston, and mainlining nurofen to get thru the painful periods. Thanks for the hints about gel, that might be next.

Bellaciao Fri 28-Oct-11 20:26:23

Fresh - I have never taken tablets but started with Evorel sequi patches and the progestogen in them had bad side effects for me so changed to oestrogen only patches and separate natural progesterone firstly cyclically. Then went onto Evorel conti cos i was supposed to be full menopausal and the prog still disagreed with me so then went back to the separate oestrogen patch and natural prog, continuously (ish). Now trying a different natural progesterone and a slightly longer cycle.
Lots of women try several types before settling on one.
Ameliagray - I'm interested in how you got your regime prescribed because the only longer cycle officially licensed is the 3 monthly pills, and whether you have a large bleed every 3 months and a scan to check your womb lining? Are you on Utrogestan and do you get any severe pms symptoms or headache when you stop them? Thanks! smile

ameliagrey Sat 29-Oct-11 20:27:58


I see a consultant gynae- Fellow of Royal College of Gynaes- privately in Harley Street- he is also NHS. He prefers to give some women Oestrogel , and either a monthly or 3 monthly bleed with progestins. I can't recall the name of then off hand and am away from home- but it's a common progesterone.

I have a heavier bleed every 3 months.

I have had a biopsy and a hysteroscopy over the past year as I had some spotting, but it was okay.

I have also had regular scans as I had an ovarian cyst which turned out to be benign.

I was not aware that what I was being given could not be prescribed normally! I am sure he is not doing anything untoward- he treats the Royal family!

ameliagrey Sat 29-Oct-11 20:28:59

I don't get bad PMT symptoms no- but I only take 9-10 days ever 12 weeks.

happybear Mon 04-Jun-12 18:52:22

I have been on hrt kliofem understand it is natural oestrogen and synthetic prog?. i have hypersensitivity and itching from them . i am actually in pain from the hypo.
Thought the pharmacy may be able to help in suggesting an alternative. at my wits end, do i come off can you just change tablets like that? Feel a bit like a guinea pig why are our bodies so difficult. why cannot doctors take blood test and test the drug out before giving us them in the hope that they work and have no side effects. what is wrong we are in the 21st century. We have the ability to help patients.

ameliagrey Tue 05-Jun-12 21:07:15

happy you need to go back to your GP or ask for a referral to a gynae with an interest in meno.

All drusgs are tested but everyone is differnet- my gyane says that finding the right HRT is a bit like finding a pair of shoes that fit and are comfortable- you might need to try a few sorts before you find one for you.

jomojomum Thu 21-Jun-12 12:27:41

I'm reading this with interest as I have been also having problems with an itchy rash. I took a combined HRT or 3 weeks but after 10 days had an itchy rash which didnt. My GP told me to stop for a week then gave me another to take. The rash improved by about 80% so after the week I started the 2nd one,but after just 1 day the rash is back with a vengance. I will see my GP tomorrow but wonder, (if you dont mind me asking) which type of HRT you found best with this problem. Thanks.

silverqueen Fri 22-Mar-13 17:39:10 anyone taking femoston conti ,im a bit nervious about starting it.

Sarahjayne43 Tue 21-Oct-14 01:31:35

Hi ya, I'm wondering if any one is suffering on femoston 1mg? I started taking it 14 days ago and within 5 days I felt amazing , I thought I had hit the jack poly , life had restored back to normal and I have been having the best sleeps ever,no anxiety etc . I start the second colour tablets today and by 7pm my body was itchy all over, I can only describe it to similar to prickly heat? Also the feeling I had before I started with HRT ,( agitated and I cannot get to sleep , tossing and turning and sweaty, so thirsty )
Is this a settling in process or does the progesterone part in the tablet not agree with me ?

I am gutted !! Will the doctor change me this early and any suggested tablets to take , I so. Loved the back to normal feeling I initially felt and don't want to give that up ? Any one relate ?

cozzie Mon 24-Nov-14 12:52:41

Hi SarahJane

I had exactly the same thing happen to me on Femonston 1mg I felt amazing on the oestrogen tablets but couldn't stop crying and my breasts were so itchy that I had to stop taking the progesterone tablets. I am going back to my GP next week to see what we can do! Please PM me if you get this message. I am almost 46 and really suffering with the perimenopause!

lesley1958 Tue 09-Dec-14 12:56:01

hi, i was prescribed elleste duet 1mg and have taken them for one and a half months. I feel like normality has returned to my life, the hot sweats have virtually disappeared and i feel good. However, today I returned to my GP who changed my HRT to Evorel Conti patches as it has a lower dose of hormones and she said they were safer than the tablets. Has anyone tried Evorel Conti patches and how did you get on with them ? Another reason my GP change my HRT is because as I have not had a period for nearly 5 years im not supposed to be on an HRT which causes a period at the end of the cycle. I appreciate any replies. oh, also is it safe to stop the elleste half way through the packet to start the patches or should i wait until the last tablet and then start the Evorel conti. thanks

pinkfrocks Tue 09-Dec-14 13:09:49

Just to answer something- there is no 'rule' about not having a bleed after so many years post meno. I choose to have HRT that gives a bleed ( every 6-8 weeks) under the care of a consultant and there is possibly evidence that this is safer re. breast cancer risks as the breasts go through a cycle like the uterus.

I know of women 60+ who still use HRT that gives a bleed.

Hinnie Mon 30-Oct-17 23:34:51

I have been on Kliofem for 9 years, after year two I reduced to half a pill a day.
It saved me from an awful menopause. Flushes, tears, anxiety and a felling of ' where am I ! ' Now aged 58 I am moving onto Femoston Conti 0.5/2.5 mg tablets. I have reduced the Kliofem to a teeny dose, I feel a bit headachy and my bones feel a bit more rattled but I will hang on in. I have an ultrasound coming up to see if all is well down in the fibroid house, if it is all tickety boo then I will start on the Femoston.
Fingers crossed I will stay on it until I am 105 years old.

lovemylover Wed 01-Nov-17 09:41:40

fresh strange that you have low iron with restless legs, my twin sons have this too, but they have iron overload

ProperLavs Wed 01-Nov-17 17:39:53

I have just done my first month on Femoston. Over all it has made me feel better I think. I am having a period now and it is the worst period pain I have ever had, even my trusted pain killers haven't got rid of the pain. It is completely wiping me out. No period has ever done that to me.
Why on earth would it be this painful?

ProperLavs Wed 01-Nov-17 17:41:42

I agree re the femoston. I felt amazing with the white tabs but the progesterone made me very anxious and made me cry.

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