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Anyone experience of the injections to turn off your ovaries for PMT?

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alibobble Sun 07-Aug-11 19:39:07

Hi I thought I'd post here as seemed most logical place to find people who could help tho I'm not menopausal. I'm 30 and suffered dreadful periods and PMT for years. Tried pill, hormone coil, anti depresants (too many side effects) and now seen gynae peeps who say they can inject my ovaries and switch them off tho that would mean becoming menopausal and needing HRT. Apparently it's very effective but you have to have the hrt to avoid osteoperosis.

What are the upsides and down sides? THe follow on to this is hysterectomy. Seems drastic but if it solved the PMT and period related misery I'd be happy. Any comments on life post hysterectomy very welcome also.

I have 6 months to make a decision so thought I'd try and canvess opinion.

MrsVictorUbogu Sat 20-Aug-11 11:28:55

Hiya, I had the injection (twice) for awful periods. It was the only treatment so far that actually stopped them, but the side affects were really bad for me so I didn't have any more. I had the HRT, but it didn't control the symptoms and I am still having hot flushes four years later......I think it just messed up my hormone levels. Plus, I was told I could only have the injection five times in total, which would be a nice break from heavy periods, but obviously not a cure.

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