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Can anyone help?? Re: LH/FSH results.

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shellmc Mon 27-Jun-11 19:52:26


Can anyone help, I hve recently had some various blood tests as i have had very messed up periods for a while, been very irregular for past 2 years. I have a DS age 2. I started on the cerazette pill after i had him and after a few visits to GP, she said the pill could be causing the irregular bleeding and to come off it for a while to have some bloods taken.
I have been off the pill for a few months now and iv gone the oppisite now, not having a period, but experiencing bad cramps and pains low down, discharge, sore boobs, headaches ect, which i know could all be signs of my hormones trying to sort themselves out.
The cramps feel like im about to start my period but nothings happening!! Been like this for past 2-3 weeks.

Anyhow rang gp today to see if results are back had them done Friday. Receptionist said to go in on thursday to discuss results as LH is raised.
I also had my TSH checked as im on thyroxinr for underactive thyroid, that is fine smile I had other tests but she never mentioned them.

After googling (as you do) it keeps mentioning Menopause and Ovary failure ect!!! I am only 26 please tell me im not going through early menopause!

choux Tue 28-Jun-11 21:23:36

The key hormone tested to look for menopause is FSH. if your doctor says it's your LH which is high then I don't think it's menopause related. Certainly in my experience - I have premature ovarian failure - no one has ever mentioned my LH only my FSH. And I've seen GPs, endocrinologists and gynaecologists.

I don't know much about LH but isn't that more indicative of PCOS? Do you have any PCOS symptoms?

shellmc Wed 29-Jun-11 10:49:55

Hi there, thankyou for replying.
Im not quite sure about the levels at all!! I rang the surgery again yesterday to see if they could tell me my FSH levels and she said everything came back fine apart from my LH which was high. Its reassuring that you know that its mainly the FSH that indicates menopause.
I mentioned to gp about facial hair i have on my chin, im constatnly plucking away Haha, scared to shave because il end up with a full on beard blush
I had a scan a few months ago when i started gtting bad cramps/pains, but the scan was fine, no sign of growths, cysts and my ovaries looked fine, so i dont think its PCOS.
I really dont know ? confused

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