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Hot flushes/flashes

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whitby1 Sat 11-Jun-11 21:39:58

I am 40 and I have had erratic af for the last year. Although regular for last 4 months. This month I have noticed hot flashes/flushes and no af.
Am I likely to be near the end of the peri menopausal phase or could this carry on for longer?
Thank you.

Jellykat Sat 11-Jun-11 22:11:46

Although everyone is different, i'd say it will probably carry on for longer i'm afraid. I'm 47 and have been having months of night sweats/ hot flushes then none, flooding/ no AF/regular as clockwork for the last 3 years.. All very confusing at first, but have got used to the erraticness now.

40 is quite young, did your DM have an early meno?

strawberryjelly Sat 11-Jun-11 22:44:26

You need to read up on premature menopause. if your periods stop before aged 45 then it's premature and you need HRT unti l you are 50 to avoid osteoporosis when you are over 50.

If it's a normal menpause- aged 45- 56 then you don't, unless you choose t.

Peri meno can last up to 10 years. What you describe sounds like the very beginnings.

Best go to your GP for blood tests to find out what your hormone levels are.

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