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I have just been charged 2x normal prescription rate for Elleste Duet.

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Driftwood999 Thu 26-May-11 15:00:43

GP has changed my hrt from Premenique to Elleste Duet. The prescription was faxed to the chemist and I have just had it filled there. Only, I was surprised that I was charged £14.80. The explanation being that it is in fact two drugs. Take it or leave it. Clearly the pills are in one box, three months supply. On each of the three cards there are 16 white tablets, followed by 12 green tablets, so to my mind this is one product/medication, to treat menopausal symptoms. My last prescription was for 12 month's worth and was the standard cost of £7.40. I'm not complaining that I have only be given 3 month's worth, as it is a new prescription, but is it right that one is charged double rate for Elleste Duet, even if the name does suggest the number 2! Anyone with experience of this. With thanks.

HarrietJones Thu 26-May-11 19:10:55

It's not right but I can remember my Mum ranting about it a while ago.don't know what you can do other than a prepaid card

Driftwood999 Thu 26-May-11 23:06:11

Thank you for your reply. I also posted on UIBU? The upshot being it's just a case of accepting it. I just thought it an interesting point. Thanks again.

cabbageroses Fri 27-May-11 18:00:07

This sounds really odd IMO.
I used to take a triphasic Pill many moons ago- would they charge 3x for one month as each card contained 3 different tablets?

Are you sure that they didn't undercharge you ? i thought that 3 months would be £7.40 x 3?

I can't believe you got 12 months' for £7.40!

I thought you paid for each product.

I get my HRT on private prescription as I see my gynae privately and have topay for each item- works out at around £10 a month for one product, and up to £30 if he gives me 3 months to collect at one time.

car80 Wed 08-Jun-11 22:49:20

I think its unusual to get a prescription for more than a month at a time. My med (not hrt) costs me £7.40 for 28 days worth.

OpusProSerenus Tue 21-Jun-11 23:16:28

I think it is correct unfortunately. Some prescription products are charged according to what is in them so if there are two different tablets in there it can be two charges. The key thing is that if the composition of hormones in the tablets is in the same proportions it counts as one but different constituent proportions are one charge each.

So if you think of two packs of tablets containing hormones A and B, one pack contains two tablets with amounts of A/B being 25/100 and 50/200 that would be one charge whereas a pack with A/B of 25/100 and 50/250 would count as two items

The same applies on things like a duopack for thrush containing the same drug but in cream and pessary. It doesn't apply to contraceptive pills as they are all automatically exempt from prescription charges but it would if you paid.

Sorry if that is not very well explained. I know what I mean but it's hard to describe

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