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I'm fed up with this on/off thing

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inthesticks Thu 05-May-11 14:32:31

I've 18 months now of on and off. Three months of periods then 3 months off with hot flushes and night sweats.
My last period was in February and I thought that was was it, but lo and behold the hot flushes have cooled off and I now have all the symptoms of PMS.
To be perfectly honest I prefer the menopause symptoms to the horrid bloating and aching joints that I get when pre menstrual. I have actually felt better without periods in spite of the thermonuclear heat I give off.

harbingerofdoom Wed 11-May-11 17:25:53

Yes,same here but don't get the hot flushes. Feel awful at times though and have fake/imagined period pain!

TeachMySelfBalance Sat 14-May-11 23:11:39

I just started the on/off period. (Sorry for the pun grin) Gap from Feb to May. I have never been a fan of the "cycle". I was regular only after having children after I turned 30.

Only a few hot flashes, mild ones-I am guessing they are mild as compared to descriptions of others.

Overall, I think I am feeling better, too. Except for the "trouble sleeping" part described in the pamphlet I just picked up at my Gp. I don't think I've ever had enough sleep, so I can't win that one. Dh is getting snoring under control somewhat, but my 3 yr old...

Do you know how long the on/off stage is supposed to last?

glasscompletelybroken Sun 15-May-11 11:59:02

I haven't heard about the trouble sleeping thing but I have been having trouble so maybe that's why!
I have had awful heavy periods for the last year and have finally been to the Doctor and have an appointment next week with a consultant to discuss having the NovaSure procedure.
Typically though I seem to have missed my last period as it was due around 26th April and not here yet! I guess this is the on-off thing starting too.

cabbageroses Sun 15-May-11 15:38:55

On-off can last for years- some of my freinds in 50s have had it for about 4 years.
i was lucky- missed about 4 periods with hot flushes and insomnia then a couple of light ones- and that was it. at 53. Went onto HRT straight away as hot flushes were embarrassing at wrok and also was sleeping badly.

feel great now.

andreaberlin Wed 01-Jun-11 17:18:55

Message deleted

BecauseImWorthIt Wed 01-Jun-11 17:21:59

I think you need to pay Mumsnet a fee for this kind of thing, andrea.

BecauseImWorthIt Wed 01-Jun-11 17:23:15

... and I see you've had your only other message on MN deleted, which suggests that you do know this, but that you're chancing your arm again.

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