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Menopause or just changing hormones? Cerazette/Microgynon

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pinkymo Mon 25-Apr-11 22:13:24

Hi, I'm having a really bad time with hot flushes at the moment and it's getting me down. The nurse at the surgery took me off Microgynon about 2 months ago because my BP was borderline and I'm 42 and switched me to Cerazette. About a week later the hot flushes started at night (not night sweats though, no actual sweating - feels like a full body blush!), I also feel warmer during the day. I don't know whether the oestrogen in the Microgynon was masking an early menopause or whether the hot flushes are just down to the change in my hormone levels. In any event, I dread going to bed every night for wondering how many times I'll be woken with the flushes. I went back to the nurse and she said any new contraception needs 6 months to settle, but I can't stay like this for the next few months. Anyone had similar problems?..

cupofcoffee Tue 26-Apr-11 10:03:59

Because the microgynon has oestrogen it can in effect act like HRT in treating menopausal symptoms so could indeed mask the signs. Also I think the nurse is right about it taking a few months to settle with a new contraception and sometimes if you chop and change too often your body does not know if it's coming or going. It's a difficult one but I guess you could either opt to continue down the cerazette route for a couple more months just to see if it will settle or you could trial moving away from hormonal contraception all together (condoms/copper coil) just to see what the state of play is with your own cycle. You would still need to have some from of contraception though because you could get caught out even if you are starting the menopause.

andreaberlin Wed 01-Jun-11 17:26:52

Message deleted

BecauseImWorthIt Wed 01-Jun-11 17:27:25

I have reported your other post, andreaberlin, and I shall report this one too.

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