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Ladycare magnet for menopause symptoms

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sailorsgal Tue 08-Mar-11 15:19:00

I was reading about this the other day and wondered if anyone had tried it? Any good?

ghostinthecanvas Fri 07-Mar-14 16:30:41

Thats interesting Jaffacakes. Wish I had seen that. So going on my experience alone - waste of money.

jaffacakesallround Fri 07-Mar-14 16:41:01

I am no expert on dogs but I can see that if you buy something for your dog that is supposed to make it more healthy, and then lavish attention and care on the dog, it is hard to know if it's that care from the owner, and all the love the dog gets, that helps it get better or the magnet. The same applies to humans- people in relationships who are happy have fewer illnesses and live longer due to the love and attention of their partner.

And- WRT to the magnet- who's to know if the dog was not just getting better anyway in the same way that a cold or another virus eventually goes away- the vast majority of illnesses are self-limiting and get better without drugs.

plumkin12 Mon 14-Apr-14 20:36:56

Hi i have just registered on here so i could join in this ladymagnet discussion, as this site came up when i was looking to see if the magnet has any side effects. I brought one this morning and within a couple of hours of wearing it, i have a bad period like pain and i feel really sick ! I have not had a period for about 10 months. I think it did mention something about, adjusting to it could bring on a period, and it did say you may feel nausea if you were using it in conjunction with other magnets. Well i am not using any other magnets. Has anyone else expierienced bad side effects ?

Brooksie9 Mon 19-May-14 00:46:20

Hi - I came on here several months ago, as I'd been told to try ladycare magnets and was looking for any advice of side effects, said I would come back on and tell you how I got on with magnets.. That was back in Sept 2013, wore them for about 2 weeks and thought I was sleeping better, by the end of the third week realised that my hot flushes had stopped completely.. They were fantastic, when I did get a hot flush, the first thing I would do was feel to see if I had my magnets in place, and would find that I'd forgotten to put them in that day.. So they worked brilliantly, I couldn't stop telling other people, just how great they were.

Then after carrying a piece of metal furniture one day, I managed to lose the smaller magnet, didn't bother replacing it and within a week - back to the odd hot flush, more worryingly period pains and then a show of blood.. Went straight back to Boots ordered my second set of magnets.. Again took a few weeks to kick in, everything was going well until I lost yet another magnet, (trip to the dump with more metal stuff!) however now having 2 of the larger magnets I just stuck them together and thought that would work..

It didn't... So I have bought my third full set (I then discovered you could order just the one that you lost for half the cost).. However this set just isn't working, I have tried switching the smaller magnet with the other larger ones that I already have and so far to no avail.. I am wondering whether the growing collection of magnets on my bedside locker may have affected the ones that I am currently using and/or whether occasionally you get a dud set... Any one any ideas on this please??

plumkin12 Mon 19-May-14 10:45:06

I have had my magnet for 4 weeks and have gone from about 20 hot flushes to maybe one usually in the evening ! Before i could not sleep and was laying naked all night on the top of the quilt with the window open,when we had very cold frosy weather, my partner was freezing huddled up telling me to shut the window !Since maybe day two with magnet i know sleep under the quilt, not one night sweat or anything ! I was desprate and having all the symptoms going of the menopause, i was allergic to hrt, it brought me ouyt in hives so onky took it for a week. Had tried vitamin b and eve primrose oil,nothing was working, was very sceptical about magnet, but its amazing and im practically back to normal ( well as normal as i can be te he )Im reccomending it to anyone who will listen, dont like wearing knickers in bed but its a small price to pay and not only has it banishedmy symptoms ive had a lot of fun with it, my new party peice, is attaching teaspoons and paper clips hair grips ect to the outside of my clothes ! Lol. The first two days i used it i had bad headaches, felt sick and had a period pain, ( they say its your body detoxing ) that just proved to me it def did something ! Anyway mind over matter or whatever i dont care it works !!

Leannie399 Sat 24-May-14 13:30:42

I have just joined today so that I could comment on this thread after reading all 80 posts. I was directed here after searching the web for information about this product.

I bought a Ladycare magnet 5 days ago after being told by my hairdresser what a difference it had made to her...I had never heard of them before this.

I am 42 years old and have been peri-menopausal for around 2 years. My main and most debilitating symptom is aggressive mood swings which have affected almost every one of my personal relationships, from my children, to my friends to my work colleagues..thankfully none to the point of no return, but fairly close at times. At first I didn't think about the reasons why I would become so aggressive and irritable, but over time I came to realise that they were related to my cycle. Other symptoms include periods that now come every 21 days and last for 10 days, although thankfully nowhere near as painful or heavy as they used to be, alongside noticeable fatigue (literally only doing what I absolutely have to), changes to my skin (getting a bit saggy in places), changes to my hair (not able to take any kind of processing at all these days), urinary changes (unable to hold on for more than a couple of minutes, and waking every night to pee), weight gain that I just cannot shift as easily as I used to, joint pain, intermittent hot flushes, and total and utter loss of libido. The last symptom however is more of a blessing than a problem as I am single, and intentionally so as the aggression means that even if Mr Right did turn up, he wouldn't hang around for too long! Consequently, I feel like my life is on hold sad

I have been very reluctant to go to my GP as I know the only real offering will be anti-depressants as it isn't full blown menopause. I don't want to go down that road as they bring along a whole new set of restrictions and side affects. I figured the £24.50 (from Boots, so yes, they do still sell them) was an inexpensive alternative that was at least worth a go.

I am not prepared to claim that it has changed my life just yet as it really is too soon to judge, but I have noticed a marked improvement in my energy levels and feel calmer and less 'edgy' than I was pre-magnet. I have, for the last couple of days been feeling crampy period pain, but nothing that a couple of paracetamol won't relieve, and in a funny sort of way almost feel reassured that it must actually be doing something that I have no sub-concious control over. If, over the next month or so I feel that it is improving my life I will post again. smile

One comment I did want to make to the women who's only drawback was having to wear knickers to bed was to try something along the lines of surgical tape at night...the only reason knickers have to be worn is to keep it in place, which a bit of tape would do just as well if not better really...worth a try!

Tillyboo Sun 25-May-14 23:59:43

Well, I'm going to add my two peneth worth now ..

I have been using the Ladycare Magnet for 2 weeks now. No more horrendous hot flashes, the night ones were just crippling. I had insomnia due to them and hadn't had any sleep for months. I was getting desperate I can tell you.

How it works, I have no idea, all I know is that it does.

Lazysummerdays Wed 28-May-14 18:03:24

The thing is Tilly, menopausal symptoms are notorious for their fickleness! One day you have them then you ( or should I say 'one') and the next they disappear for weeks.
The reason for this is that oestrogen levels are all over the place and even the slightest rise - not enough to trigger ovulation or a period- can result in a decrease in flushes and the like.

I just can't help thinking that if this thing worked, then gynae consultants would be giving it to their patients by the hundred- but they aren't.

Lazysummerdays Wed 28-May-14 18:07:50

Leannie if you are having changes to your cycle and the symptoms of menopause at 42 then that is an early menopause ( classed as before 47 now.) You really must see your GP and it would be advisable for you to take HRT and the risks do not apply before the age of 51- average age of menopause.

If you don't supplement your own falling oestrogen now then you are at high risk of osteoporosis and heart disease in mid life.

Waiting until your periods stop completely is not advisable because all the symptoms you are having now are ones that usually hit women when they are 10 years older than you are.

Please take this seriously and ask your GP for help or referral to a gynae who treats premature menopause.

sheila1957 Tue 03-Jun-14 15:06:23

The symptoms of the menopause is ruining my life, and after using and doing everything possible without using HRT, I've gone to boots today and bought a magnet, pls wish me luck. I will update you all on my progress or not fingers crossed.

sheila1957 Tue 03-Jun-14 15:07:16

The symptoms of the menopause is ruining my life, and after using and doing everything possible without using HRT, I've gone to boots today and bought a magnet, pls wish me luck. I will update you all on my progress or not fingers crossed.

sheila1957 Tue 03-Jun-14 15:07:16

The symptoms of the menopause is ruining my life, and after using and doing everything possible without using HRT, I've gone to boots today and bought a magnet, pls wish me luck. I will update you all on my progress or not fingers crossed.

sheila1957 Tue 03-Jun-14 15:18:01

Sorry my post was repeated 3 times.

sheila1957 Wed 04-Jun-14 08:42:33

OMG for the first time in a long time I have had a full night's sleep without sweating, I can not believe it, BIG thanks to the menopause magnet, I hope. it continues?

lynne60 Sun 15-Jun-14 21:29:42

Hi I am 60 years old and went through the menopause at 47 I bought a lady care magnet several years ago and to be honest only wore it a few times but my sweats have come back really bad even doing housework the sweat drops off me and my hair is soaking wet I decided to try 20 to 1 cream and am on my second jar to be honest this cream has done absolutely nothing for me so just last week I started wearing my lady care and the difference it has made is amazing I still get the sweats but they are by no means as bad as they used to be so I suggest ladies go and buy one and see for yourself

lazysummerdays Mon 16-Jun-14 08:49:42

There is absolutely no evidence to suggest this works. Research has been done and there is no proof at all. The reason some people think it works is because meno symptoms vary a lot- some women have weeks when the symptoms are terrible then they subside a little- and this can go on for years and years.
I think Boots had to change their advertising on this product recently because it was considered illegal- claiming it worked when there is no evidence.
If it did work this would have been proved through double blind trials and proper research. It hasn't. If it worked, gynaecologists would simply hand all meno women a magnet and say 'there you are, sorted.'
Some of the posts on this thread are possibly from the marketing dept of the company- bear that in mind.

JCG1234 Fri 20-Jun-14 17:14:52

Ladycare Menopause

I don't know who in their right mind can say this Ladycare magnet is a discreet item.......I've already got a menopausal belly and adding this to my underwear makes me look like I have a serious problem going on!!!

The magnet might work but I'm not about to try it as I am 200% sure I would need to completely change my wardrobe to maternitywear to accommodate this!!!!!!!!

Englishkiwi1 Fri 27-Jun-14 17:45:50

They are 24.99 I would pay 224.99 !!! They are AMAZING I have bought them for some of my menopausal friends & they all swear by them as well now. I was told to expect a change in 2 was....6 days later I was a new woman! Just ask my husband :0)

Englishkiwi1 Fri 27-Jun-14 17:50:27

I'm hearing you & I know you are right. Don't let these doubting thomases waste your time! They are the ones missing out.

JayJay59 Sat 28-Jun-14 15:33:08

Hi, I am new to this group.
Having read the whole interesting thread about the Ladycare Magnets, I decided to buy one. I started my menopause at age 48 and I am now 55 and still suffering with massive bouts of sweating whenever I exert myself. I had some relief for 3 of the 7 years when my doc put me on Elleste. What a saviour that was! But in 2012 I was taken off of them and the hot flushes returned with a vegeance. I was struggling to cope at work day to day so I put on Kliovance, and the lowest dose of Venlafaxine which basically did nothing to ease the heat, but helped the anxiety! Then I was upgraded to Kliofem, which should have (according to my doc) stopped the flushes. It didn't! The only thing it stopped was the feeling of rising heat and 'attacks' at regular intervals, but the minute I exerted my self or went from a cooler room to heated one I started to profusely sweat. I recently started a job I could walk to, a 10 min walk it was, but by the time I arrived I was literally dripping and soaked from the waist up looking like I had just been swimming! I have even sat in interviews with sweat running down my face looking like a very scared applicant, which I believe cost me the position on one occasion. So here I am, totally desperate to find a 'cure'. My LC magnet arrive today and has cost me £29.99 (+PP) so I have everything tightly crossed and hoping like mad that this will be 'the one'.

foxyron Tue 01-Jul-14 19:59:14

I've been struggling with hot flushes and night sweats for more than 10 years now. Been on various HRT but as soon as I stop back they come with a vengeance. I too read an article about magnets in the knickers and at first poo-poohed the idea, but I decided to give it a go.

I found an old magnetic bookmark lying around in my book cupboard and decided to experiment with that. I have to say that I am really pleased with the result. My hot flushes have been reduced significantly. I haven't yet invested in the Ladycare magnet but my own little experiment seems to back up the claims. Definitely off to Boots tomorrow to grab one. smile

IndridCold Wed 02-Jul-14 16:13:42

I bought one a couple of months ago after reading this thread, and have worn it ever since. My symptoms hadn't been too bad, but I used to wake up 3 or 4 times a night, often completely drenched in sweat, and had hot flushes from time to time.

I bought the Ladycare prepared for it to make no difference, but it has. I now sleep through the night and haven't had a night sweat since. The only time I have had a hot flush is when I went out one day having forgotten to wear it! I am fully prepared to accept that it has no basis in science and is merely a placebo, but it works for me, and has made a big difference to my life - particularly regarding the sleeping.

craftylinda123 Fri 04-Jul-14 06:43:50

I have just come across this site whilst trying to find out if anyone has had success with the ladycare magnet (which someone recommended to me) I was quite happily reading through when I came across a post where scientific tests were mentioned. It did quite appear that this poor woman was getting a hard time of it. I thought this was a site where mums were exchanging their experiences,and that's just what I wanted, so let's not have a go at someone telling their story! This is mumsnet, not BMJ.

Lazysummerdays Fri 04-Jul-14 14:11:23

You're not another one working for the company are you smile

Can't quite see why you are taking on the role of a moderator hmm

This is a health forum.
Anyone is entitled to quote scientific research as part of a response to a question.

Would you prefer it if posters ignored research and based their choices purely on anecdotal evidence?

gghayes1 Sat 02-Aug-14 00:21:02

I bet if one works, two would work even better because most of us have two overy's. I have had one on for a week and a half and I'm finally getting results, ie, less hot flashes during the day and night, clearer thinking although I'm still a little moody. Hopefully that will subside, time will tell.

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