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Bio Identical Hormones - anyone using these please?

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hollywoodchic Thu 07-Oct-10 13:20:17

Firstly, I am new to this site and this is my first ever post. I would appreciate any suggestions since I have reached a dead end with my GP.
I am 40 and entering menopause (a huge shock in itself and I am feeling aweful). My GP practice have been less than helpful an seem to want to prescribe HRT with no other options.
However, I have been reading about bio identical hormones/HRT (books such as "It must be my Hormones" by Marion Gluck & Vikki Edgson). I am aware that this is common place in France and the US but I cannot find a doctor who has even heard about this alternative to regular HRT let alone can inform me further.
Due to my age, I am extremely reluctant to go onto regular HRT and the bio identical hormones seem an infinitely better option for me.
Is there anyone taking this please? I would greatly appreciate any help you ladies might have.
Many thanks.

tshifhiwa Thu 07-Oct-10 16:04:49

I'm new too. Just signed up today.
I just started using hormone cream last week. I can't say that I've noticed any change yet. Dissapointing as all the blurb they said it would solve would have been ideal.I'm not giving up though as I've not felt worse, and no side effects.

KittyFoyle Thu 07-Oct-10 16:17:34

I have read a book called From Belly Fat to Belly Flat (lovely title) which mentions that kind of hormone. Might have more info I think - by Dr CW Randolph and Genie James (Sounds like a game show host...) but the recipes were great - some of them. Others a bit nasty. Still, I lost weight and it certainly helped me feel better. Not menopausal yet but the clock is ticking...

purplepeony Thu 07-Oct-10 21:24:47

Can you explain what you mean by bio-identical hormones?
Do you mean for example oestrogen that is not made from horses urine?

purplepeony Thu 07-Oct-10 21:29:55

The oestrogen in the HRt gel I use is i think bio-identical- ie it is made from oestrogen that is natural, not synthetic. it is still oestrogen though.

I think that all the media stuff about bio-identical is a bit of a con TBH. All it means as far as i can tell, is that you do a saliva test t o see what does you should take of HRT.

You are still taking hormones.

The gel I use can be used in varying amounts until you get relief of symptoms, so in that sense it is bio-identical.

purplepeony Thu 07-Oct-10 21:32:41

is this any use?

Carrie06 Sun 10-Oct-10 21:25:03

Hi, I use Evorel patches - apparently they are bioidentical.

Shiner Wed 20-Oct-10 10:40:59

Hello, I'm just a bit younger than hollywood (I'm 38), and have recently started taking a combined oral contraceptive as a form of hrt since I became menopausal (perimenopause started at age 32, my last period was about 10 months ago). My gynaecologist didn't see the point in waiting for a full year without periods because (i) I have a family history of early menopause (ii) I had a high FSH (iii) I had menopausal symptoms (complete dryness, hot flashes, insomnia.

The contraceptive I take is a new one called Qlaira. This is sometimes referred to as having bio-identical oestrogen (also called estradiol), but in fact it has a compound (oestrogen valerate) which is converted to oestrogen in the body. This oestrogen is chemically identical to that produced by the body.

Many hrt preparations use modified forms of estrogen to maximise its stability in the body (natural oestrogen is quickly broken down by the liver). "Equine oestrogen" from horse urine as used in Premarin/Prempro is in fact several slightly different oestrogen like compounds conjugated to side groups such as sulphate. The main one is converted to oestrogen in the body.

Evorel patches use a synthetic oestrogen which is chemically identical to natural oestrogen. It is present in the patch as "estradiol hemihydrate", which only refers to the present/absence of water molecules with the compound.

From my point of view, a "natural" oestrogen must come from a "natural" source, which isn't going to be human. This leads to the possibility, like with Prempro, that you may get other compounds present, and the effects of these may not be fully known. I would much rather have a synthetic form which is identical to human oestrogen ("bio-identical"?) such as Evorel, or which is converted to oestrogen (eg Qlaira) where the compound present is tightly controlled.

My gynaecologist prescribed Qlaira instead of hrt because it avoids the horse oestrogen problems, and has a dosing regime which avoids any mid-cyle bleeding. Since it contains a compound which is converted to oestrogen, and it contains progesterone, it is in essence the same as a oestrogen/progesterone hrt.

Sorry that's so long winded - I'm a biochemist and like talking about compounds ! blush

Hollywood - hope it helped a little, and hope you find a happy solution soon.

Purplepeony - I think the "bio-identical" issue is definitely different to the dosage issue. On that point, I saw an interesting reference to the saliva test in Wikipedia, suggesting that it may not be so useful. (menopause)

purplepeony Wed 20-Oct-10 14:38:58

Shiner- oh poor you going through this at 38.

The oestrogen I use is Oestrogel and it is pure estrodiol.

I can adjust my dosage until I get the amount that suits me to stop symptoms- anything from a pinhead amount to the full 4 dollops max. a day.

I would suggest any women who want HRT think about this type as it is easier to control and adjust the dose.

Evidence also shows that topical products have fewer side effects.

dee1960 Thu 04-Aug-11 11:46:15

hi just joined today and i have all the usual problems, not had a period for 2 years, doctor doesnt agree with hrt so i was wondering what oestrogen to use and where can i buy it, just need to get my life back and need to stop feeling like i am 70 and not 51!!

rockinhippy Thu 04-Aug-11 12:04:06

Sorry I can't help - I'm just book marking so I can read later as this is me too - though in someways I'm happy about it, as realising now I'm hitting menopause that I've probably been dealing with undiagnosed Endometriosis for years, so finding some symptoms hard to bear - such as not stop hot flush in a heatwave - eek

I'm also wondering if anyone has any experience with HRT etc & Migraine - I have been offered it by the Gynea, but was lead to believe it wasn't safe for me because I get the wrong kind of migraine - couldn't take the pill due to thrombosis risk

Sorry for the hijackblush

ameliagrey Thu 04-Aug-11 12:17:30

Dee- you might like to begin a new thread for your question will be lost in this one.

BUT you cannot buy estrogen over the counter. it's prescription only. If your Gp won't allow you to have it, then ask for a referral to a gynae who supports women through meno, or change your GP.

Women should be given a choice with the risks explained- they should not be denied treatment because some dr "does not believe in it". Disgraceful.

dee1960 Thu 04-Aug-11 12:30:24

thank you, but as i am new on here i am not sure as to start a new thread, any help will be more than grateful x

Funk Thu 04-Aug-11 12:33:40

I see this is an old discussion but it would be great if some of the original posters would let us know how they are getting on now.

I'm in Australia where bio-identical hormones are quite commonly used. We have compounding chemists here who make up the preparation to your own individual requirements.

I'm 50+ with no menopausal symptoms but my doc checked my hormone levels and they are very low (progesterone). I'm taking the hormones mostly for my bone density, which is low. My doc says he has patients in the UK who he sends the hormones to by post as there aren't really any specialist docs over there. (He did say someone was starting up in London).

There are a whole lot of symptoms that you can suffer from if your hormones are out of kilter; I'm just learning about it now. I've sent off for a book by Dr John Lee who was a pioneer in this field.

ameliagrey Thu 04-Aug-11 18:59:43

dee to start a new thread, go to the top left of this page and in blue is says start a new topic- click the link and it will bring up the box etc.

dee1960 Thu 04-Aug-11 19:01:23

thanks, will do x

ameliagrey Thu 04-Aug-11 19:03:41

rockhippy- my gynae considers migraine an "amber alert"- in other words a slight risk but not always- he says that sometimes they get better with HRT and patches etc are better than pills. he also says that it's often the progestins that make it worse and if need be, change the type.

I get a very occasional migraine usually if I miss meals- and I have found no increase with HRT.

laurah11 Fri 24-Mar-17 09:30:36

Hi sorry i know this is an old post, but can you tell me how i can get in touch with your doctor that sends bio-identical hormones to patients in the UK? be very grateful! thank you! 😀

PollyPerky Fri 24-Mar-17 09:49:45

laurah I don't understand your post. This thread is 7 years old confused. maybe start a new thread asking your questions?
No reputable dr would post hormones to anyone. Have a good read of the website Menopause Matters which is all about HRT - see the Home page and blogs by the dr.

jsr68 Sat 21-Oct-17 00:45:41

I also read the book "It must be my hormones" a few years ago and started using the bio-identical hormones 18mths ago, I am really pleased with results and feel more like myself.

Vjn59 Fri 27-Oct-17 14:28:58 did you go about sourcing the bio identical hormones? Thank you.

Vjn59 Fri 27-Oct-17 14:29:46


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