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menopause at 37?

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auntyjude Sat 04-Sep-10 01:36:09

think i am on the rollercoaster to menopause and feeling miserable? any wise words or fellow menopausers want to wallow?

purplepeony Sat 04-Sep-10 13:39:27

what makes you think this?

weblette Tue 07-Sep-10 10:10:14

I'm at the gp on Monday next week to discuss exactly the same aj.

Appalling mood swings, insomnia, night sweats, headaches, changes in cycle.

I desperately hope she'll say it's something else tbh.

DancingHippoOnAcid Sat 11-Sep-10 18:35:56

AJ - get to GP and have a blood test, then you will know for definite if it is menopause.

37 is early but not as unusual as you would think.

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