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My girly cake

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tortoiseshell Sat 13-Aug-05 17:40:07

Let me see if I can put a picture on - never done this before!

tortoiseshell Sat 13-Aug-05 17:43:17

Oh the pic is too big and I don't know how to compress it. If I can I'll put it on!

kid Sat 13-Aug-05 17:48:38

open the picture with 'paint' and you can stretch/skew it from there. I think I had to do my photo to 40%, I just kept making it smaller and trying it until it fitted.

tortoiseshell Sat 13-Aug-05 17:52:59

Yay! Thanks kid, was stuck as to how to resize!

kid Sat 13-Aug-05 17:55:55

That looks good TS, (not enough chocolate for me though )
It would be a shame to have to cut it up though.

Charlee Sat 13-Aug-05 17:56:45

Gorgeous cake tortiose! lovley bet it was yummers!

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