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A Peter Picture

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misdee Sun 07-Aug-05 23:07:27

jessicaandbumpsmummy Sun 07-Aug-05 23:08:59

Looking good sweetie..... and how happy does Serena look!!! Bless the pair of them x

hunkermunker Sun 07-Aug-05 23:10:27

Oh, gorgeous, Misdee! What a lovely photograph!

SleepyJess Sun 07-Aug-05 23:10:36

Bless him! What an adoring daddy he looks! (And IS I'm sure!)

(((hugs))) to you all xxxx

misdee Sun 07-Aug-05 23:11:31

just ignore all the hospital stuff in the background, the bandages etc and you have a normal pic lol.

sobernow Sun 07-Aug-05 23:12:52

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

SleepyJess Sun 07-Aug-05 23:13:21

It barely registered Misdee.. I spend my bloody life in a variety of hopsitals too it would appear! sigh ((hugs))

SJ x

misdee Sun 07-Aug-05 23:14:05

its only in the last week he has actually been able to lift dd3, so this pic means a lot. as do the other i have snappe dthis week. small things = big progress.

SleepyJess Sun 07-Aug-05 23:15:17

Thats fab news Misdee. Small things do mean such a lot

SJ xx

sobernow Sun 07-Aug-05 23:16:16

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Twiglett Sun 07-Aug-05 23:16:43

you can see DD thinking well, hello there Daddy .. ahh that's gorgeous

misdee Sun 07-Aug-05 23:16:51

how about that one

sobernow Sun 07-Aug-05 23:17:49

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

sparklymieow Sun 07-Aug-05 23:20:23

put the first back on I missed it!!

misdee Sun 07-Aug-05 23:22:38

there you go!! i have naother one as well, but he is bei8ng silly in it. lol.

sallystrawberry Sun 07-Aug-05 23:26:02

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Hulababy Mon 08-Aug-05 08:13:37

How lovely

Kayleigh Mon 08-Aug-05 08:14:58

oh that is just lovely misdee

NomDePlume Mon 08-Aug-05 08:40:57

A real Daddy/Daughter moment . Bless 'em

Springchicken Mon 08-Aug-05 09:12:16

Lovely Misdee
Bet it brings a tear to your eye x

gingerbear Mon 08-Aug-05 09:47:25

Awww, lovely, I have to click away from this thread now as I am at work, and don't want to cry!

misdee Mon 08-Aug-05 10:01:23

he will kill me for this one lol

MrsGordonRamsay Mon 08-Aug-05 10:20:07

I wanna see the other one,,,,,,,,,,,,<<<stamps foot, huffy emotion

MrsGordonRamsay Mon 08-Aug-05 10:21:36

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Drumming my fingers

Come on woman, I am in work.

misdee Mon 08-Aug-05 10:26:40

that is the other one

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