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lets try again!

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spacecadet Sun 07-Aug-05 16:58:24

right will give it another go.

spacecadet Sun 07-Aug-05 16:59:49

yay!!!!!!!!!!!1 this is me 11 years ago, 7 weeks after having ds, now ive got 4 kids and im 5 stone heavier, iwant that figure again.

swiperfox Sun 07-Aug-05 17:08:44

yay!!!! lol

7 Weeks after giving birth??!! How did you manage that??!! lol

I put on 4 stone in my first pregnancy 4 years ago anbd still can't shift it!!!

spacecadet Sun 07-Aug-05 17:10:45

i dont know swiper, that was second baby too, i was really skinny when i was younger, but after having ds2 4 years ago, my weight balloned and i just havent got rid of it[depressed emoticon], thanks for offering to help btw

spacecadet Sun 07-Aug-05 20:36:40

lol, i killed my own thread!

hunkermunker Sun 07-Aug-05 20:39:08

Seven weeks after giving birth?! Wow!

spacecadet Sun 07-Aug-05 20:59:53

i dont look like that now, thats why i put this pic up!!!!!!!!!

swiperfox Mon 08-Aug-05 16:23:49

Sorry sc - don't know where i went!!! I used to be like that too - might have to find a before and after pic of me - the after is soooooooo depressing, i hate me now!! I'm about 3-4 stone heavier than i've ever been and i don't deal with it very well!!!!

spacecadet Mon 08-Aug-05 18:34:04

i know what you mean swiper, i feel very depressed looking at this pic!

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