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please look at this haircut and tell me what you think

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colditz Sat 30-Jul-05 00:09:21

if it works, which it hardly ever does for me....

Janh Sat 30-Jul-05 00:11:01

Hurry up please, I have to go to bed soon

colditz Sat 30-Jul-05 00:11:06

Oh boo, it hasn't worked, please does anyone know how to resize pics?

Libb Sat 30-Jul-05 00:11:19

he he

Janh Sat 30-Jul-05 00:11:45

Have you tried Picasa?

colditz Sat 30-Jul-05 00:12:26

i don't know what that is...

Janh Sat 30-Jul-05 00:13:40

free download on this page

I did manage to do it (eventually) with Picasa so it is fairly idiotproof...

colditz Sat 30-Jul-05 01:02:20

Ok, I'm a bigger fool than this program is used to. I can't make it work at all.

It's shameful really.

colditz Sat 30-Jul-05 01:06:36



sparklymieow Sat 30-Jul-05 01:10:00

you have beautiful hair.........

colditz Sat 30-Jul-05 01:11:38

Thankyou but the hair dresser put it like that, it did look like a stained mop

I wanted to see what everyone thought, because I'm not sure whether I've settled into the cut yet....

jamiesam Sat 30-Jul-05 01:14:16

Wow, what gorgeous hair. (Great photo too )

Eugenius Sat 30-Jul-05 01:21:14

Don't really like two-tone hair - who is it?

colditz Sat 30-Jul-05 01:22:30

It's not really two tone, it just looks like that because a strip light is shining in the top. It's all the same colour as the bottom really.

essbee Sat 30-Jul-05 01:23:40

Message withdrawn

nightowl Sat 30-Jul-05 02:16:56

from the back it looks just like of course i think its excellent ...sorry, is that not the answer you wanted? {cringe}

luckylady Sat 30-Jul-05 09:12:40

I like it, it is very similar to mine only \I have the layers angled so it is longer in the middle than the sides.

Do you like having curly/wavy hair. mine is really curly mainly I like it but sometimes I just find it unmanagable.

Whizzz Sat 30-Jul-05 09:18:39

It that your fringe - I'd ask for a bit more off !!
Only joking - i think it looks lovely !

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