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SIGIKID BEAR. Does anyone have one? Help!

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mrspink27 Mon 25-Jul-05 12:07:29

Does anyone have one of these bears hanging around gathering dust?

I am at my wits end as the original has been lost, dont know where?!

Have emailed manufacturers in Germany but they say it isnt made any more and have phoned about a million stockists in the UK but to no avail... and ebay!
someone must have one?

I will pay!

He is a SIGIKID bear in kind of a wooly grey/brown/black check fabric about 30cm tall. He has beans in his tummy and feet and hands.

mrspink27 Mon 25-Jul-05 12:13:22

have tried to add a photo, but cant get it small enough!

mrspink27 Mon 25-Jul-05 12:18:20

hurray i did it.... now i only have to find a bear!!!

SoupDragon Mon 25-Jul-05 12:33:25

None on Ebay?

mrspink27 Mon 25-Jul-05 12:37:02

no, none on there, just hundreds of those very real looking baby dolls... which tbh freak me out slightly!

mrspink27 Mon 25-Jul-05 18:57:18

bump for the evening gang

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