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DS is trying to emulate his Daddy!

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Flossam Sun 24-Jul-05 23:58:19

By staying up all night as though he is at work too!! This was 10 minutes ago. He has finally now crashed out in his cot, having had hyperventilation fits at being put in there at any point before now all evening. Not that he knows how to get around mummy or anything like that now.....

lockets Mon 25-Jul-05 00:00:15

Message withdrawn

hunkermunker Mon 25-Jul-05 00:04:14

What a monkey! Gorgeous one though - hope he lets you have a lie-in

Flossam Mon 25-Jul-05 00:05:46

Here's hoping HM, I'm supposed to be working the night shift myself tomorrow night! It'll be daddies turn to try and settle him, and of course you can bet any money he will be straight to sleep then!

Flossam Mon 25-Jul-05 12:12:34

Well it didn't work. He still felt 5 am was a good time to try and get up this morning. I think he is teething, still no sign of a single tooth yet bless his heart. So if my night shift is still booked I am going to be a very tired night nurse tonight!

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