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Mini-WWB does Angelina Ballerina ...

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WigWamBam Sun 24-Jul-05 18:20:48

At the Nick Jr Jump Up.

nutcracker Sun 24-Jul-05 18:22:54

Ahhhh bless her she looks so cute.

Nbg Sun 24-Jul-05 18:23:44

Awww she looks lovely

hunkermunker Sun 24-Jul-05 18:24:20

Oh, gorgeous girl!

cadbury Sun 24-Jul-05 18:29:26

what a beautiful mouseling

WigWamBam Sun 24-Jul-05 18:59:04

It's the first time in a year she's been anywhere near a pair of trousers ... given the weather this morning it was probably just as well that she put them on!

Nutty, when I got to look at the pictures, I realised that your dd is actually in the background of this one - you must have been in the same "lesson" as we were.

MrsGordonRamsay Sun 24-Jul-05 19:06:05

She is a beautiful girl.

WigWamBam Sun 24-Jul-05 19:08:47

I think she's beautiful too, but then again, I'm a little bit biased

giraffeski Sun 24-Jul-05 19:10:15

Message withdrawn

giraffeski Sun 24-Jul-05 19:10:45

Message withdrawn

RTKangaMummy Sun 24-Jul-05 19:11:21

DEFFO BRILL she looks georgeous WWB

MrsGordonRamsay Sun 24-Jul-05 19:11:29


A little ???

WigWamBam Sun 24-Jul-05 19:29:54

Oh, only a little, LGJ

Nutty's dd got cropped off when I reduced the picture (sorry Nutty ).

Shy ... not a word usually seen in conjunction with this particular 4 year old, Giraffeski!

nutcracker Sun 24-Jul-05 19:32:42

My dd's piccie is in member profiles too Giraffeski.

MrsGordonRamsay Sun 24-Jul-05 19:34:09

bump please.

nutcracker Sun 24-Jul-05 19:35:05

Have bumped

WigWamBam Sun 24-Jul-05 21:33:39

Shameless and unabashed bump

coppertop Sun 24-Jul-05 21:41:47

Awwww! What a gorgeous little girl you've got, WWB.

marthamoo Sun 24-Jul-05 21:44:48

She's a cutie, wwb - love the tutu, don't think I could persuade my boys to wear one though (they're not as progressive as spidermama's boy )

WigWamBam Sun 24-Jul-05 23:15:08

There were a couple of boys joined in the dance class ... they both wore the ears and tutu as well.

And jolly lovely they looked, too.

Aero Sun 24-Jul-05 23:33:48


Ailsa Sun 24-Jul-05 23:38:17

Gorgeous, we went today and got soaked, well I did, dd2 wouldn't get out of the buggy until we got back to the car.

WigWamBam Sun 24-Jul-05 23:42:40

We got soaked too; dd still had a whale of a time. Luckily she managed to do most of the activities before the rain closed them down.

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