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All that queueing for this.......................

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lockets Fri 22-Jul-05 19:38:47

Message withdrawn

biglips Fri 22-Jul-05 19:39:20


biglips Fri 22-Jul-05 19:39:42

now it came on -

hunkermunker Fri 22-Jul-05 19:40:07

LOL! I think Dora looks v scary!

SenoraPostrophe Fri 22-Jul-05 19:40:07

aaah. dd is like that. maybe she was expecting dora to be about 3 inches high?

Whizzz Fri 22-Jul-05 19:40:17

Kids !

NomDePlume Fri 22-Jul-05 19:41:47

ROFL ! Still, I imagine a 6ft Dora with is pretty scary....

fwiw, dd was the same when we went to a boubcy castle recently. She was talking about going to the nursry fun day and going on the castle for about 5 days before we actually went, we got there and she clung to my leg for the duration !

lockets Fri 22-Jul-05 19:42:53

Message withdrawn

stripey Fri 22-Jul-05 19:43:35

we were at Chessington today. Took the boys after school so only in time for the 4pm appearance. Thankfully by then there wasn't much of a queue.

I did think it was a bit of a rip off though as they have been advertising Dora since Easter and I though there would be some sort of show. Noddy and Roly Mo had a great show so I was expecting something from all the hype about Dora.

lockets Fri 22-Jul-05 19:45:49

Message withdrawn

jessicaandbumpsmummy Fri 22-Jul-05 19:48:52

awww bless.... at least you got your day out!

stripey Fri 22-Jul-05 19:57:53

I know a lot of people who especially wanted to see Dora. Its probably a way of getting more people to go over the Summer Holidays.

lockets Fri 22-Jul-05 20:06:25

Message withdrawn

stripey Fri 22-Jul-05 20:13:15

I have to admit I do love Chessington we got an annual membership and go nearly every week. Just was expecting more of a show after seeing their previous characters.

My 2 almost 3 and almost 5 are afraid of getting wet in the bubbleworks so I have only been in there once.

lockets Fri 22-Jul-05 20:16:25

Message withdrawn

stripey Fri 22-Jul-05 20:23:04

Yes its only a 10-15 min drive depending on A3 and the membership is worth every penny.

The first 5 or 6 times we went we did different things each time there is so much there and I will often just take the boys there for 2-3 hours. Much more entertaining than the park and once you have the mship totally free. We usually take food and drink with us.

After joining I found out you can even pay with Tesco vouchers which means an £80 mship for £20 of vouchers and under 4s are free. I sound like an ad now. I'm saving my couchers for next year!!

lockets Fri 22-Jul-05 23:42:04

Message withdrawn

lilsmum Fri 22-Jul-05 23:43:27

aaawww bless, that is prob what lilly would do hide when dora came near. how cool is that!!! lol to meet dora!!

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