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troutpout Wed 20-Jul-05 07:32:42

Never posted on here before...but hello! I live in Macclesfield, Cheshire( yeah well...someones got to!) and am sahm to ds (8 years and sooo stroppy ) and dd (2 and a half...and don't we know it)
Hope to whitter away with you soon

MarsLady Wed 20-Jul-05 07:46:19

Hi and welcome!

lockets Wed 20-Jul-05 07:47:19

Message withdrawn

pindy Wed 20-Jul-05 07:47:25


Nemo1977 Wed 20-Jul-05 08:01:27

hi the name
welcome to mumsnet am sur eu will be wittering before u know

jamboure Wed 20-Jul-05 08:05:31

welcome troutppout

biglips Wed 20-Jul-05 08:20:22


charleepeters Wed 20-Jul-05 08:49:53

Welcome hope you make loads of good mates on mumsnet - i do warn you, you will get addicted!

W0MBAT Wed 20-Jul-05 08:53:05

Hi, Welcome, only been using MN for a week and am totally addicted!

beccalanismum Wed 20-Jul-05 11:37:35

Hi all I am a newbie - have 2 gorgeous girls aged 1 and 3 who are a challenge to say the least. Am having a nightmare potty training my eldest who is just 3 - bladder control is great but she refuses to poop on the potty - she holds it in till nightime when she has her nappy on. Once she is in bed she poops within 5 mins despite the fact we put her on the toilet at bedtime. In the past she has been very strong willed about getting her own way and has a mind of her own.

Anyone else been in this position - any advice welcome to this frustrated Mum.

HappyHuggy Wed 20-Jul-05 11:50:38

Hi welcome to MN!

I have a 3 yr old son and a 15 month old son, who keep me very busy!

Am at college but off for the summer

Nice to meet you
Love Huggy

marthamoo Wed 20-Jul-05 12:41:35

Oooh I'm so excited you're here, troutpout I feel like I want to take you by the hand, lead you round and show you all the sights and sounds of MN. You know, like "here's Chat - it's for lightweight nonsense...this is Breast and Bottle feeding - it's for big slanging matches...oh and over here is Other Subjects - some good slanging matches on there too."

OK, maybe not.

(If that sounds a wee bit OTT that's cos troutpout is my real life best mate).

Welcome to beccalanismum too - you could try posting about
your potty problems on Behaviour and Development - some people might have a few ideas for you.

Btw, what's wrong with lovely Macclesfield?

macwoozy Wed 20-Jul-05 12:43:46

Hi to you both

Lucycat Wed 20-Jul-05 12:45:03

Ah but mm, you do live in Rainow!
Hello there troutpout and welcome! I live in Stockport, so there are a few of us fairly local (ish) aren't 2 year olds the most annoying / cute / adorable / infuriating little people!

I CAN DO IT MYSELF! - a favourite phrase!!

marthamoo Wed 20-Jul-05 12:49:34

No I don't lucycat (you always say that ) - you're projecting your own Rainow aspirations on to me!

Lucycat Wed 20-Jul-05 12:52:12

Perhaps I am - so you live in Macc too then? - it's that katierocket giving me bum info!!

I think it was that house in Rainow that I spotted and you claimed to be Lady of the manor me confooooozed

troutpout Wed 20-Jul-05 13:59:12

Hello again...and thankyou all for lovely welcome!
Hi to beccalanismum

Moo...'lovely' and 'Macclesfield' there's 2 words which shouldn't come within a mile of each other.

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