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Go - say 'No' to this little face!!

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Flossam Fri 15-Jul-05 23:28:53

Well it has been a few weeks .

DS today, now aged 8.5 months

Flossam Fri 15-Jul-05 23:30:05

should read go on duh!

moondog Fri 15-Jul-05 23:30:28

It would be utterly impossible,flossam!!!


hunkermunker Fri 15-Jul-05 23:30:35


No, I shan't say no to your cutie, I mean

ScummyMummy Fri 15-Jul-05 23:30:52

Awww. Cutie.

emily05 Fri 15-Jul-05 23:31:02

aahhhh! what an innocent little face! what a sweetheart

RTKangaMummy Fri 15-Jul-05 23:31:11

MarsLady Fri 15-Jul-05 23:31:33

What a cutie, but I've no time for sentiment. NO! lol

Big kiss

Flossam Fri 15-Jul-05 23:39:13

The original point ot the photo was to show how disgusted he was with my choice of 'pudding' today. But as soon as the phone is out he is all eyes and smiles and hands reaching! I think this is supposed to be an emploring look - please let me have your mobile!!

Even if he hates what you give him he carries on opening his mouth for you regardless, then screws up his face and lets out a little cry, bless his heart.

gingernut Fri 15-Jul-05 23:57:54

Ahhh ! BTW, I think we have the same highchair! Is it an M&P Prima Pappa? (bought ours 3 years ago mind!).

Socci Sat 16-Jul-05 00:05:23

Message withdrawn

Libb Sat 16-Jul-05 00:06:54

That's a "did I do bad?" face . . must get it from his dad!

Flossam Sat 16-Jul-05 00:09:51

Libb - go to bed!!!
GN - yes it is. Brought it second hand off ebay but have since seen it in the shops. Wish I'd brought it new though, it arrived filthy and although all clean now never quite felt the same about it. How are you?

gingernut Sat 16-Jul-05 00:27:29

I'm well, thanks Floss, how about you?

I hate the highchair BTW, a nightmare to clean isn't it. How horrible that yours arrived dirty though .

Flossam Sat 16-Jul-05 00:29:36

Willl maybe get another when I am rich . No it isn't nice to clean, not sure that any are though are they? I'm fine, so far enjoying being back at work. Our thread is so quiet isn't it?

gingernut Sat 16-Jul-05 19:52:32

Yes, it is, but it was also one of the quieter antenatal threads. I tend to click on it when I see it in Active convos and maybe add my bit, but haven't seen it up there for ages.

Re highchairs I think they are all bad, but the Prima Pappa is one of the worst to clean IMO. Like that little crack between the 2 halves of the tray. What's that for, except to trap bits of food?!! We have a booster seat as well, which has its nooks and crannies but you can at least just take it apart and dunk bits in the sink. I shall be getting that out soon, now ds2 can sit up well.

charleepeters Sat 16-Jul-05 19:55:25

Aw the puppy dog eyes are so irresistable.......... DS does some good ones when i go to tell him off - hes gorgey flossam

Flossam Sun 17-Jul-05 11:29:22

Gingernut, when I first got it I thought they were supposed to seperate to give you a 'food' tray and a 'play' tray. Have not managed it if that is what's for. See if you can yank yours apart!!

Yorkiegirl Sun 17-Jul-05 11:37:16

Message withdrawn

Kayleigh Sun 17-Jul-05 11:47:31

awwwww, how gorgeous is that.
I don't really understand the question - why would a mother ever say no to her child [confused puzzled emoticon]

Flossam Sun 17-Jul-05 13:22:02

YG, I'm off to stay at mum's in a few weeks and I've asked her to get one of those type things for while we are down there. Thought I could trial it out and see if I want one!

Kayliegh, LOL!! I you could only see the chaos in my Lounge right now wrought by one little person!!

gingernut Sun 17-Jul-05 23:58:12

Floss, yes you are supposed to be able to do that with the newer trays but our version is the old version I'm afraid.

My friend has the newer version and she still finds the tray a pain.

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