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motherwolf says hello

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motherwolf Thu 14-Jul-05 19:48:10

im 32 and have dd(5) and ds(18mths) and from a single parent and have been on mumsnet before although lurked more than posted,but that was quite a while ago.
im just starting out making my own jewellery and hoping to start a part time college course in jewellery design in september.i love cooking and gardening and a pagan.
my kids keep me very busy as im sure yours do ,my dd is a constant whirlwind and my ds seems to be following in her footsteps.

anyway i hope to get to know you all and have some fun and cheer on

Aimsmum Thu 14-Jul-05 20:49:52

Message withdrawn

helsi Thu 14-Jul-05 20:50:47


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