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Cant believe how much she has grown

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starshaker Wed 13-Jul-05 20:48:57

this is when she was born and the pic here was taken today

lockets Wed 13-Jul-05 20:52:25

Message withdrawn

nailpolish Wed 13-Jul-05 20:52:32

what a lovely big smile!

(was it you who was looking for solutions for cold hands with dd?)

misdee Wed 13-Jul-05 20:53:05

oh she is lovely.

starshaker Wed 13-Jul-05 20:53:36

yeah its not so bad at the mo cos of the warm weather. nd yeah she has a fab smile it lights up her whole face

starshaker Wed 13-Jul-05 21:00:46

today she discovered she can put her toes in her mouth although was not too impressed with the taste lol

starshaker Thu 14-Jul-05 08:44:46

just thought id bump for this morning

charleepeters Thu 14-Jul-05 08:46:19

Aww ahes beautiful, what a gorgeous smiley girl

starshaker Thu 14-Jul-05 09:47:45

she is always smiling feel guilty that im getting her jags today (i think)so really hate the thought of making her cry cos it just such a sad cry

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