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Holiday snaps

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Hulababy Sat 09-Jul-05 10:55:46


Mainly from Disney, and of DD but some nonetheless!

We had a fab time

Aero Sat 09-Jul-05 10:59:59

Gorgeous hula. looks like you had a fab time.

Hulababy Sat 09-Jul-05 11:01:24

We did; must update the travel thread of what we liked best.

DD's phot was taken on the rocks, just behind the harbour at St Tropez.

We loved St Tropez, although have to admit the traffic was a nughtmare getting there.

Aero Sat 09-Jul-05 11:03:11

Makes me desperate for our hol, though not heading anywhere quite as exciting as Disney! Off to Galway soon though - roll on end of term!

charleepeters Sat 09-Jul-05 11:06:33

Looked like a fantastic holiday and some grat snaps, must say im very

nutcracker Sat 09-Jul-05 11:13:52

They are fantastic piccies Hula, just showed the kids, they said they want to go

Hulababy Sat 09-Jul-05 11:48:01

Disney was the Paris one, not Florida (although went last year and was amzing!). Went for 4 nights/ 5 days so really unrushed there, after frst day.

First week was in South of France. We stayed near Frejus and visited St Tropez, Cannes, Monaco and Nice. We then drove up through the mountains for 2 niughts in Grenoble and 1 night in a Chateau at Fleurville.

IO will try and add some other non-DD ones too!

Hulababy Sat 09-Jul-05 12:07:02

Have added some other photos from South of france and Grenoble - more scenery type shots.

Aimsmum Sat 09-Jul-05 12:30:44

Message withdrawn

Hulababy Sat 09-Jul-05 12:39:17

I wrote loads of tips on a recent thread - literally loads. Will go and find it for you. You will have a great time

Hulababy Sat 09-Jul-05 12:40:38

Here you go Lots of info on there! I wrote it up on day after I got home.

Aimsmum Sat 09-Jul-05 12:44:49

Message withdrawn

Aimsmum Sat 09-Jul-05 12:48:49

Message withdrawn

Hulababy Sat 09-Jul-05 13:02:57

LOL! Was all really fresh with having just got back. Was great fun!

Hulababy Sat 09-Jul-05 21:21:22

Added a couple more.

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