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Smiley boy....Jayzmummy';s wee man.

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jayzmummy Fri 08-Jul-05 22:21:53

I hope this works.
My little man doesnt smile very often.....but today he did and I managed to grab the camera just in time.

jayzmummy Fri 08-Jul-05 22:23:59

I just spent ages making the piccie smaller and it still didnt work<<<<<stomping off in a strop>>>>>>

Nemo1977 Fri 08-Jul-05 22:24:46

aww poor u
at least u know how to do the pics..i have no clue

starlover Fri 08-Jul-05 22:26:22

try this jayzmummy!

i wanna seeeeeeeeee him!

TinyGang Fri 08-Jul-05 22:26:37

Aw, have another go - I like smiley wee men

<I have no idea how it's done either>

jayzmummy Fri 08-Jul-05 22:33:43

I downloaded the pic4u thingy starlover and I used it bt it still didnt work....Ive just sent the piccies to my yahoo addy and have store them to my computer as Jpegs....lets see if it works.

swiperfox Fri 08-Jul-05 22:35:05

jayzmummy if you want you can email me the pic and i'll do it for you

jayzmummy Fri 08-Jul-05 22:48:52

Thanks swiper. Ive sent them to you.

swiperfox Fri 08-Jul-05 22:49:44

ok i'll go get them

swiperfox Fri 08-Jul-05 22:53:33

got them.... i'll make 3 seperate profile threads, one for each pic ......they're gorgeous!!!

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