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do you think he'll get bored of me doing this soon?

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starlover Thu 07-Jul-05 21:34:04

taking pics of him while he's asleep that is!

misdee Thu 07-Jul-05 21:34:22


starlover Thu 07-Jul-05 21:35:19


misdee Thu 07-Jul-05 21:35:56

is he a wriggler?

starlover Thu 07-Jul-05 21:36:28

yes! he's curled up there in a corner of the cot! he was right up the other end when i put him down

misdee Thu 07-Jul-05 21:37:21

lol. serena is a wriggler too, but she still fits her moses basket atm, so she cant move too much at night.

misdee Thu 07-Jul-05 21:38:22

he is soo cute btw, is that his snuggly?

starlover Thu 07-Jul-05 21:38:23

aww bless. he grew out of his crib about a month or so ago.... he is quite long. i think he likes having lots of room. he ALWAYS goes to sleep with his feet on the bars!

jessicaandbumpsmummy Thu 07-Jul-05 21:38:27

awwwww....... too cute....... broody........

starlover Thu 07-Jul-05 21:38:49

yeah that's his rabbit he is holding. and the thing just behind his head is his rag! lol

spidermama Thu 07-Jul-05 21:42:35

Aww Blesssim! How old is he SL?

starlover Thu 07-Jul-05 21:42:56

5 months

Flum Thu 07-Jul-05 21:44:02

The most important thing to do with them at this age is to get a pick of them with their fingers in the 'v's up position. It is hysterically funny to email to your mates and they will think you are cool when they grow up. Maybe.

so get manipulating the babba into position. hee hee

champs Thu 07-Jul-05 21:44:47

lol, sleeps like my two... all over the place. funnily enuff so did i as a kiddie!!

he's abs gorgeous starlover!!

spidermama Thu 07-Jul-05 21:45:06

My ds is 5 months too. Born on 22nd jan. Love is a many spendoured thing is it not?

starlover Thu 07-Jul-05 21:45:17

lol... i have one of him when he was very small doing the horns... (holding 2 middle fingers down with his thumb.. little finger and index finger sticking up)

Flum Thu 07-Jul-05 21:45:43

Is he ACTUALLY named after the Linus in Peanuts? the one with the security blanket. cool!

starlover Thu 07-Jul-05 21:46:04

he's 7th feb! very close... was due 25th jan.

thank you all

spidermama Thu 07-Jul-05 21:46:09

Rock on Linus!

starlover Thu 07-Jul-05 21:46:20

yeah he is! hence all the baby snoopy stuff! lol

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