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The Future of Mumsnet!

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swiperfox Tue 05-Jul-05 09:39:42

I believe in starting them young!!

suzywong Tue 05-Jul-05 09:41:04

what on earth are you talking about?

fastasleep Tue 05-Jul-05 09:41:39

Heeehee mine does that too!

WideWebWitch Tue 05-Jul-05 09:44:12

I bet my children find that a familiar screen too!

Weatherwax Tue 05-Jul-05 09:52:47

dd1 (7) is already thinking of her nickname...

swiperfox Tue 05-Jul-05 19:17:21

he's still at the screen and grabbing the keyboard from me!!! DD is cleaning the screen with a wipe lol

Do you think they're telling me to get off the pc and play with them?!?!?!

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